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It is essential that your farm or ranch be protected with an insurance policy specifically designed for your farm, ranch or business.  It is equally important that the insurance company has a strong financial background and extensive agribusiness experience.  These are the key features of the American Reliable Insurance Co and American Bankers Insurance Co Farm and Ranch Policy.

Allen Financial Insurance Group has been servicing farm and ranch clients for over thirty years.  In the event of a loss, our clients are secure in the knowledge that their claim will be processed by our in-house claims staff specially trained to handle equine losses. 

This Farm and Ranch Policy offers some of the industry's broadest and most comprehensive coverage available to the  ranch or farm owner at a competitive preferred price.

Coverage can be custom designed to meet the specific needs of your operation, from a small acreage pleasure farm to a multiple location commercial farm.


In 1952, a new company of insurance pioneers opened its doors with aggressive new ideas.  American Reliable has experienced continual growth in assets and premiums for over 50 years.  The company was acquired by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida in 1984.  In 1986, American Reliable became a direct subsidiary of American Bankers Insurance Group, Inc. (ABIG).  Fortis Inc. purchased ABIG in 1999 and combined the various operations of ABIG and its subsidiaries with the Fortis subsidiaries operating under the American Security Group designation under the service mark Assurant Group


American Reliable Insurance Company (ARIC), an Assurant Specialty Property company, offers specialty personal lines and farm owners coverage.  American Reliable has a Best's rating of "A-"(Excellent). A.M. Best is an independent organization that rates insurance companies based on financial strength and operating performance.


bullet Eligibility
Individuals. partnerships, corporations, limited-liability corporation (LLC) owner or tenant operator.
bullet Format
Multi-line policy able to include dwelling, personal property, farm property, farm personal property, liability, auto, care, custody or control, watercraft, and umbrella in one policy.
bullet Deductibles
$250 to $25,000
bullet Identity Theft
bullet Fire Department Service
$2,500 Limit on fire department service charge
bullet Debris Removal:
$250 if covered cause of loss
bullet Expanded Debris Removal
Limit increased to $100,000
bullet Pollution Clean-up:
$10,000 if covered cause of loss
bullet Loss of Farm Income:
Continuation of farm income during restoration period
bullet Sewer Backup
bullet Equipment Breakdown
bullet Flood & Earthquake


bullet Replacement Cost
Primary dwelling and structures attached to covered dwellings when insured to 80% or more of replacement cost value. 
bullet Inflation Guard
Optional on dwelling (including ordinance and law option)
bullet Satellite Dish/Antenna
$150 excess of deductible.

bullet Limit
10% of dwelling limit for detached garages, swimming pools, etc. Higher limits available for charge.



bullet Limit
75% of dwelling limit is standard. Higher limits available.
bullet Property off premises
$1,000 worldwide
bullet Special Limits
$2,000 for grave markers
$3,000 for furs, jewelry, precious stones and watches
$5,000 for firearms
$400 money, gold, platinum, silverware
$3,000 for watercraft, outboard engines, watercraft furnishings and trailers

$5,000 business property on premises, 10% off premises
$5,000 for silverware or goldware.
bullet Replacement Cost
For nominal charge, Coverage C Limit automatically increased to 70% of dwelling limit.
bullet Expanded Replacement Cost
120% of Dwelling limit
bullet Refrigerated Products
$500 for refrigerated household contents. No deductible
bullet Credit Card
$1,000 for credit card and fund transfer card forgery and counterfeit money.
bullet Identity Theft Expense Coverage


bullet Limit
10% of dwelling limit

bullet Farm Machinery:
$50,000 for up to 60 days for newly acquired
Earthquake and Flood for machinery and livestock
bullet Farm Enhancement Endorsement
Replacement cost on mobile farm machinery, animal collision, increased livestock limits, replacement cost on tack, extra expense, rented or borrowed equipment, expanded dwelling replacement cost (150%)
bullet Personal Property of Other:
bullet Scheduled Personal Property
Basic, Broad or All Risk Perils
bullet Farm Chemicals at $25,000 & Transportation of farm chemicals at $25,000 at no additional charge
bullet Replacement Cost :
Available for office contents and tack
bullet Transportation:
$2,000 included
bullet Farm Records:
$2,000 for restoration. No deductible
bullet Extra Expense:
$2,000 included. No deductible
bullet Livestock:
Up to $2,000 per animal available
bullet Peak Season:
Available for seasonal fluctuations
bullet Cab Glass on Mobile Machinery
No Deductible
bullet Equipment Breakdown Coverage

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bullet Replacement Cost:
Available when insured to 80% of Replacement Cost. If not insured to 80%, Actual Cash Value applies.
bullet Expanded Replacement Cost Endorsement:
Dwelling covered up to 120% of declared limit when loss exceeds insured amount.
bullet New Construction:
Automatic $250,000 coverage for 60 days.
bullet Loss of Income:
$10,000 available per building.
bullet Blanket Coverage:
Available for farm buildings other than dwellings
bullet Family farms and ranches
bullet Large commercial growers and packers of agricultural products
bullet Cattle, Sheep & Llama Ranches
bullet Grain and Row Crop growers
bullet Horse Farms including Boarding, Training & Riding Instruction
Equine Professional Services Endorsement
bullet Cotton growers
bullet Citrus growers
bullet Dairy Farms
bullet Elk Farms
bullet Feed Lot
bullet Fish Farms
bullet Hay Farms
bullet Hobby / Gentleman Farms
bullet Managed / Trust Accounts
bullet Nut Orchards & Berry growers
bullet Professional Farm
bullet Vineyards
Orchard & Vineyard Endorsement
bullet Wholesale nurseries







Flexible Billing: We offer several billing options to make it easier on your budget.
  • Lump Sum: 25% down and receive a bill for the remaining balance in a month. We'll send you one bill upon renewal.
  • Semi-annual Payment: 50% down payment and 50% in six months.
  • Four Payment: 25% down and receive up to three installment bills.
  • Ten Payment: 25% down and pay premium by the end of the tenth month, with the remaining premium spread throughout the nine monthly bills.
  • Direct Bill Toll Free Hotline

Claims Service: 24 hours, 7 days a week toll-free Claim Action Hotline puts you in immediate contact with a claim service representative, enabling you to report claims quickly and efficiently. Prompt reporting helps mitigate the risk of injury or damage and expedites claim handling.

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