Event Cancellation Insurance 
including Non-Appearance




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This policy reimburses you for your net loss should the performance or event be necessarily cancelled, postponed or rescheduled due to any peril except what is excluded.  We can usually offer you a premium quotation within minutes of a submission.

Scope of Coverage:
bullet  Fire, earthquake or other damage causes your venue to be unusable.
bullet  Specific weather conditions such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, lightning, or any other life-threatening weather condition. These weather conditions must prevent the majority of the audience from reaching the venue where your event is taking place.
bullet  Unavoidable travel delays (aircraft or other modes of transportation), equipment delays, mechanical breakdown, power failures.
bullet  National disaster.
bullet  Any other cause (not otherwise excluded) beyond your control.


Policy Information:
bullet  Once paid for, this policy cannot be canceled.
bullet  The earlier you pay for this policy, the longer period of time you will have your event coverage.
bullet  You are required to insure 100% of your budgeted expenses and, if you choose to insure your profits, 100% of budgeted profits as well. Otherwise co-insurance penalties will apply in the event of a claim and you will not receive 100% reimbursement for your claim.



Non-Appearance Insurance

If your event relies on the appearance of a person or group (performer, speaker, player, invited guest, team, etc.), this option will protect you from the non-appearance of that individual.   Generally, to include this option, a medical exam of the individual is required.

Notable additional exclusions under this option include:
bullet  Pre-existing medical conditions
bullet  Air travel except as a passenger on a regular airline or multi-engine charter aircraft
bullet  Insufficient voice quality unless directly due to illness or disease contracted during the policy period
bullet  Any hazardous activity or feat
bullet  Any condition not common to both sexes
bullet  Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
bullet  Contractual disputes



bullet  The financial failure of any venture, including cancellation due to lack of ticket sales, lack of sponsorship, etc.
bullet  War, civil commotion, riot, martial law, seizure, radioactive/nuclear contamination.
bullet  Your failure to have made all necessary preliminary arrangements essential to ensure that your event can be held on the scheduled date.
bullet  Fraud, misrepresentation or concealment.
bullet  Non-appearance of an individual (s) unless you purchase the non-appearance insurance option.


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