Janitorial & Building Maintenance Insurance Program
Tailored protection for Janitorial businesses in one portfolio.

"All the coverage you need in one policy"

The Lets face it.  It's a tough economy and you need every advantage to succeed.  That's especially true when it comes to choosing your janitorial insurance policy.   It's also important that your company be protected by a policy specifically designed for your business operations.

The Jani-Pro Janitorial & Building Maintenance Services Program provides outstanding protection for thousands of maintenance service businesses throughout the United States. This comprehensive janitorial insurance program gives you the ability to combine broad property, liability, commercial auto, bonds, workers compensation and umbrella coverage with low preferred rates.

Program Update
New Lower Rates
$250 Minimum Premium
Now 3 Policies
To Choose From

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Endorsed by the International Janitorial Cleaning Services Association

Policy & Coverage Highlights
Commercial General Liability & Bonding Limits

  • National A rated, Admitted Company
  • Preferred Rates - Immediate Quotes
  • Monthly Payment Plan
  • 24 / 7 Claims Service
  • Immediate Certificates of Insurance
  • Lost Key Coverage
  • Safety & Risk Management Loss Control Programs
Per Occurrence $100,000 to $10,000,000
General Aggregate $200,000 to $10,000,000
Products Aggregate $200,000 to $10,000,000
Personal Injury $100,000 to $10,000,000
Medical Payment $5,000
Fire Legal $50,000
Employee Dishonesty $5,000
Jani-Pro Coverage Descriptions     Optional Coverage:
Business Liability Insurance

Our comprehensive commercial liability policy offers coverage beyond the industry standard.  We have enhanced this program specifically for your janitorial service business. At no additional cost to you, our Janitors General Liability policy includes unique coverage essential to those in your industry.  If your business is held legally liable for damage to your client's property, this policy will pay up to the full limit of the policy…without a deductible.  Included in our general liability policy is coverage for claims arising from the products you sell or the services you complete.  Our liability insurance protects you if you are responsible for damage to the property of others. We extend this coverage to include borrowed equipment that’s damaged at your job site while it is not being used.


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Voluntary Property Damage

$2,000 per occurrence ($7,500 per year) for damage to property in your care, custody and control
Tools & Equipment Coverage

Protects you against a loss concerning owned, borrowed, rented, or leased tools and equipment
Janitorial Safety Management
Additional Insureds

If a written contract requires you to name someone else as an additional insured on your policy, we’ll automatically extend that status to them. We will also provide them with primary coverage if they require it of you.

Accidents. Surprises. Losses. They all come with the territory of owning your own business. But there's no reason you have to be a "victim" of these unexpected losses, not if you take advantage of three key ways to help manage your risks.

Take a close look at the safety and maintenance of your facilities, as well as the practices of your employees and contracted workers.

You may be liable for injuries caused by your product from the moment it hits shelves until long after it has been purchased. And your "product" may include a lot more than you realize,

Unless property and equipment are maintained properly and insured adequately, they can be at significant risk for loss and damage.

As soon as you hire your first employee, you need the protection of workers' compensation insurance. Not only do many state laws require it, but the financial security of your business may depend on it.

Lost Key Coverage

$1,000 of coverage for any one occurrence ($2,500 per Year) for cost to replace or re-key locks
Blanket Contractual - Oral & Written

Choose our enhanced program for janitorial services and we’ll protect you against contractual liability exposures obtained on either a written or oral basis.
Visit our Jani-Pro Risk Management Section
Business Income and Extra Expense

Our Jani-Pro business owners policy offers 12 months actual loss sustained; no waiting period; may be excluded for premium credit.
Business Crime & Employee Dishonesty

Our enhanced BOP program for janitorial services and we’ll protect you against losses resulting from employee
dishonesty or forgeries. We’ll also provide coverage for your money and securities on-premises and in-transit.
Flexible Billing:  We offer several billing options to make it easier on your budget!
  • Lump Sum: 20% down and receive a bill for the remaining balance in a month. We'll send you one bill upon renewal.
  • Semi-annual Payment: 50% down payment and 50% in six months.
  • Four Payment: 25% down and receive up to three installment bills.
  • Ten Payment: 20% down and pay premium by the end of the tenth month, with the remaining premium spread throughout the nine monthly bills.
  • Direct Bill Toll Free Hotline
Claims Service: 24 hours, 7 days a week toll-free Claim Action Hotline puts you in immediate contact with a claim service representative, enabling you to report claims quickly and efficiently. Prompt reporting helps mitigate the risk of injury or damage and expedites claim handling.  

      Things You Should Know:

Why Do I Need Commercial Liability Insurance?

If you operate an janitorial or building maintenance business, you know how much planning and effort is involved to make your operations both safe and successful for everyone involved. Even with the most careful planning, unexpected situations can arise that you might not be prepared for.  Without adequate liability protection you will have to pay damages and defense costs yourself.  If the damages and costs are high enough you may suffer financial hardship or bankruptcy.

What Does The Commercial General Liability Policy Cover?

This policy was specifically designed to protect your event anywhere in the United States, it's territories or Canada.  The general liability policy will pay the damages imposed upon you or your business by the law.  It also pays the cost of defending you when a claim is made against your policy.  Coverage is written on a full occurrence basis by an Admitted, A rated US insurance company and is tailored to fit your specific event needs.  The policy will also add the premises owner, venue, sponsors, volunteers and co-producers as additional insureds.

Certificate of Insurance vs Additional Insured Endorsement

When producing a special event you will often be asked to provide a certificate of insurance to verify the existence of insurance coverage under specific conditions More specifically, the document lists the effective date of the policy, the type of insurance coverage purchased, and the types and dollar amount of applicable liability.

Frequently, another party such as the venue or a sponsor will ask to be named as an additional insured on your policy.  The additional insured then enjoys the benefits of being insured under your policy your for negligent acts and omissions but not for his own negligence.

What is Third Party Property Damage Liability (Care, Custody, Control Liability)

Most liability policies have provisions that exclude coverage for physical damage or loss to property while it is in the care, custody or control of the insured.  Care, Custody, Control Liability (also known as Third Party Property Damage) is an optional coverage that will pay for negligent injury to horses under your control.



Why You Need Workers Compensation

As soon as you hire your first employee, you need the protection of workers' compensation insurance. Not only do many state laws require it, but the financial security of your business may depend on it.

What Workers' Compensation Insurance Is 

In general, workers' compensation represents a compromise between employers and employees regarding employment–related injuries or illnesses.  In short, employees relinquish their right to sue employers if they suffer some job–related injury or illness.  But in return, employers agree to provide state–mandated benefits if employees suffer some job–related injury or illness.  And to ensure employees have the money to pay these mandated benefits, most states require that employers demonstrate that they have the financial ability to pay any claims that may arise.  Typically this financial ability is demonstrated through the purchase of workers' compensation insurance.  Laws regarding workers' compensation insurance vary by state, so check with your insurance agent or broker to find out exactly what you need and how it's purchased.
How Workers' Compensation Insurance Works 

Most workers' compensation insurance policies actually provide two types of coverage:
  • Workers' Compensation Coverage.  This type of insurance provides benefits for injured workers as required by state law regardless of who is at fault for the job-related injury or illness. In other words, whatever benefits your state requires, your workers' compensation policy would provide.
  • Employers' Liability Coverage.  This additional coverage protects employers if they are sued for damages arising from employment–related accidents or diseases. However, to collect benefits provided by employer's liability coverage, the employee, as well as anyone else not covered by workers' compensation laws (i.e., spouses and dependents), would have to prove that the employer was legally responsible for the employee's injury or disease.




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