CHDA Supporting Colorado Horse Industry

The 1999 Colorado Equine Survey accounts for 145,000 head of equine in the state of Colorado. Colorado horse industry produces goods and services of $443 million. The total value of all equine related assets totaled $7.7 billion in 1998. Sales of equine and related activities during 1998 totaled $130 million. Trail/guide and guest services accounted for 30%, boarding stables 28%, sales of equine 16%, lessons and clinics 4.7%, breeding services 3.7%, shows/rodeos 3.3%, and other 13.3%. CHDA collected $48,000 from sponsors and contributed $12,000 to have Colorado Agricultural Statistics Service collect the above data. This equine economic impact survey can now be used to show the impact of our industry to Colorado.

The Colorado Horse Development Authority is a promotional and marketing arm of the horse industry. Established in 1998 through legislation which charged the CHDA to strengthen the equine industry, CHDA is funded through assessment of a fee on brand inspections. CHDA has educated horse owners and the general public on equine health, land management, land use regulations, classification of horses, through videos, pamphlets, twelve town meetings across the state and Ag in the Classroom readers, reaching 66,000 youth in class rooms.

CHDA has promoted the horse to our youth by sponsoring the 2,400 4-H youth entries at Colorado State Fair, FFA National Judging team and sending Colorado 4-H Horse Bowl team to the Quarter Horse Congress. In addition, CHDA sponsored the Four Mile Historic Park’s Draft Horse Day reaching thousands of new potential horse owners.

Promotion, education, and marketing are the keys to the success of our state horse industry. Together we can “hold the reins for a better life.”


The national horse industry is larger than the film and tobacco industry combined.

Colorado has over 194,000 horses.

40% of all Colorado horses are used for show or racing.

There are nearly 65,000 horse owners in Colorado

191,600 Coloradans are involved in the horse industry in areas such as: owners, service providers, employees, and volunteers. Even more participate as spectators.

Colorado’s horse industry has the impact of 7,000 full-time equivalent jobs.

 Spending by suppliers and employees generates additional jobs in Colorado for a total employment impact of 30,800.

The national horse industry has a $2.6 billion impact on the Colorado economy.

Colorado’s horse industry produces goods and services valued at $754 million.

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