Building Lessor - Commercial & Habitational

The building lessor package policy is designed to give you extremely broad protection for hard to place properties. In addition to the standard features you would expect, our package policy also offers property and general liability coverage not normally offer in hard to place risks. You may also purchase higher limits for selected coverage.

Property coverage will protect your interest in buildings, personal property, improvements and betterments, and business income.  Even machinery & equipment can be included.

General liability provides coverage for damages legally owed to others for bodily injury or property damage and personal and advertising injury resulting from the operation of your building.

Written through national, admitted, A rated insurer.


Types of Occupancies Insured:

  • Vacant Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings over 20 years
  • Garage
  • Restaurant
  • Sports Bar
  • Strip Mall
  • Inner City Properties

The Building Lessor policy provides a number of extras at no additional charge. These include:


  • Auxiliary Private Structures – such as garages and storage buildings: 10% of the building limit, up to $15,000
  • Water Backup or Overflow – from sewers, drains or sumps: $5,000
  • Income & Extra Expenses – losses incurred during restoration up to 12 months
  • Mechanical Breakdown - covers vital building maintenance systems such as boilers and air conditioning systems. 
  • Outdoor Property – such as fences, radio and television antennas, unattached signs, trees, shrubs and plants: $10,000

  General Liability

  • Expanded Fire Damage Coverage – extended to apply not only to fire, but also explosion, release of smoke from an unfriendly fire, or sprinkler leakage incidents
  • Liberalization Clause – if the commercial general liability coverage form is expanded to provide additional coverage with no additional premium, and the effective date of the change is during your policy period, your policy will automatically provide this additional coverage on the effective date of the revision
  • Additional Insureds By Written Contract, Agreement or Permit – additional insureds are automatically included if the requirement for this status is a written arrangement
  • Host Liquor Legal Liability


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