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Important – We will only accept submissions from appointed brokers.

Become Appointed with Allen Financial Insurance

When you get appointed with Allen Financial Insurance Group  (AFIG), you are partnering with a company that is committed to helping you grow. Our representatives are available to help you with the appointment process.


We know you’re busy, so we make it simple. Other carriers have forms that take up to an hour to complete, but ours will only take you a couple minutes!

Please remember: You need to have an agency license in good standing with the Department of Insurance in the state/states where you plan to write business with AFIG.

The Competitive Advantage

The single most important factor in choosing an insurance provider is responsiveness. The second is the relationship. As a result, unparalleled service and technical expertise make the AFIG difference!

Our greatest strength lies in the quality and experience of our staff and our ability to respond quickly to your needs. We quote most submissions in less than 48 hours and in many cases we can give you a premium indication on the phone.

At Allen Financial, we deliver quality products and value-added services to our producers. Our knowledge of products, market trends and successful submission strategies are the key components we use to identify the best plan or approach for your risk. We believe that it is not just our ability to place a single piece of  business but to deliver consistent performance.

Allen Financial is a national general agent providing our producers direct access to premier insurance companies. Licensed in all 50 states we offer agents “one stop shopping” and excel in unusual and multi-state risks.  Get appointed today!  Use our quick on-line registration process below.

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Welcome to the AFIG Insurance Producers Network Portal. Our fully integrated online system allows you immediate access to the most convenient and cost effective method of quoting and binding various specialty insurance products.

High Performance Producers

Call us to discuss your insurance needs with our entertainment insurance experts and get an immediate quote today or go on-line for a Quick Quote a few minutes could save you hundreds of dollars.

Our knowledgeable staff and preferred policies provide unparalleled protection for thousands of events, entertainers, and venues throughout the world.

Quick Connections  

Phone: 1-800-874-9191 Alt Fax:  602-992-8932 E-Fax:  480-452-0593

One Appointment, Many New Markets

Allen Financial Underwriting:

AFIG administers and underwrites a large number of specialty programs and is staffed with experienced representatives ready to:

  • Answer questions about AFIG specialty programs.
  • Help determine if an account may fit one of our programs.
  • Explain submission procedures.
  • Identify needed applications and supplemental underwriting information.
  • Provide AFIG Program Information & Marketing materials.
  • Assist with Quote,Proposal and Account Binding.
No Volume Commitments!

AFIG imposes no volume commitments. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for licensed producers to place business with us. No prior appointment or agreement is necessary to submit applications for a coverage quotation.

Upon binding the first account, agencies and individual producers are required to submit proper licensing documentation and Errors & Omissions coverage.

If preferred, this agreement can be signed prior to submitting business and serves to satisfy the proof of licensing and E&O coverage requirement.

Producers Network – Links and Information

Target Markets

Although, Allen Financial Insurance offers hundreds of high quality policies we have identified specific industries and insurance programs that are currently exceptionally competitive.  Our companies have indicated that they will “go the extra mile” to write these classes of business.  Here are some business lists and classifications by product that we can deliver on.  If you have a risk that fits please give if a call to discuss a quote.

Risk Management & Analysis Surveys

Select a link below to access an on-line Risk Analysis Survey for the desired industry survey form.

Commercial Equine Risk Evaluation & Analysis Survey

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