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Riding Club Insurance – Riding Club Liability

Riding Club Insurance - Riding Club - Riding Club Liability

Riding Club Insurance
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Riding Club Insurance – Riding Club Liability
By: Allen Financial Insurance Group

Riding Club Insurance – Riding Clubs & Associations

A riding club or association can be defined as any group that is formed to pursue common equestrian related interests.  Riding clubs and associations form the core of most organized equestrian activity in the United States and Canada. They allow riders with similar interests to meet, network and participate in organized activities.  A riding club can be a small group of friends meeting regularly for organized trail rides. Clubs also include the thousands of association members in national organizations such as the United States Equestrian Federation, American Quarter Horse Association, United States Dressage Federation, Professional Rodeo Association, International Barrel Racing Association or United States Polo Association. 

The Equestrian Group offers a unique insurance program specifically for these essential equestrian organizations. For as little as $500 per year our $1,000,000 liability policy will cover all club members if a law suit arises from an insured club activity. Liability coverage is provided for all declared equestrian club activities including owned or leased premises. Products, completed operations and personal advertising injury exposures can be included in coverage. Boarding, riding instruction, clinics and additional special events can be added by endorsement.  A comprehensive package policy is also available to clubs that own buildings, personal property or automobiles.  

Our basic policy premium automatically includes the first 100 members and three public event days. Shows, clinics, gymkhanas and trail rides held by and for the sole benefit of members are included and covered at no additional charge. Directors, officers and members are automatically named additional insured’s in the policy definitions. Premises owners, government entities, sanctioning organizations and sponsors may be named as an additional insured by endorsement. Increased coverage limits are available up to $10,000,000.

Riding clubs and their varied functions pose unique liability exposures, which need specially designed coverage. Allen Financial Insurance Riding Club Insurance & Riding Club Liability Program can be custom tailored to cover such exposures as premises liability for meetings and fund-raisers, trail rides, boarding, clinics and public events (i.e. shows and parades).

Occurrence $500,000 to $10,000,000
General Aggregate $1,000,000 to $11,000,000
Aggregate Products/Operations $1,000,000 to $11,000,000
Personal/Advertising Injury $500,000 to $10,000,000
Medical $5,000
Fire Legal Liability $100,000

For a no obligation quotation please complete our  Application  or Polo Club Application   (Adobe Acrobat)and fax it to  (602) 992-8327. We also offer Group Accident & Medical coverage and Directors & Officers Errors & Omissions insurance to clubs and associations.

The Equestrian Group is a specialty division of Allen Financial Insurance Group.

Riding Club Insurance - Riding Club - Riding Club Liability

Riding Club Insurance - Riding Club - Riding Club Liability

Riding Club Insurance - Riding Club - Riding Club Liability

Riding Club Insurance - Riding Club - Riding Club Liability

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Approved For Use By:

  • American Cowboy Team Roping Association
  • American Equestrian Alliance

  • American Endurance Ride Conference

  • American Miniature Horse Association

  • American Paint Horse Association

  • American Polo Crosse Association

  • American Professional Rodeo Association

  • American Quarter Horse Association

  • American West 4D Barrel Racing Association

  • Arabian Horse Association

  • Equine Trail Sports


  • Extreme Cowboy Association

  • International Barrel Racing Association

  • International Professional Rodeo Association

  • Master of Foxhounds Assn of North America

  • National Barrel Racing Association
  • National Cutting Horse Association

  • National Professional Rodeo Association

  • National Reining Horse Association

  • National Senior Pro Rodeo Association

  • OK Corral Series

  • PATH

  • Pacific Coast Horse Show Association

  • Professional Rodeo Cowboy’s Association

  • United States Dressage Federation

  • United States Equestrian Federation

  • United States Eventing Association

  • United States Hunter Jumper Association

  • United States Pony Club

  • United States Polo Association


Riding Club Insurance – Riding Club Liability
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Riding Club Insurance - Riding Club - Riding Club Liability

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Riding Club Insurance - Riding Club - Riding Club Liability