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Who is The Equestrian Insurance Group?

The Equestrian Insurance Group is one of the leading providers of horse related insurance in the United States.  We are based in Phoenix, Arizona with offices in San Diego, CA,  Portland, OR and broker representatives throughout the United States. We offer insurance products and risk management services for virtually every segment of the equestrian community.  Our policies cover horses, owners, trainers, riding instructors, riding clubs,  equestrian facilities and special events. The Equestrian Group is recognized internationally for it’s unique policies and programs because all of our insurance professionals are personally involved with horses and their owners.  Our innovative insurance programs are used by thousands of horse owners and equestrian facilities throughout the United States.

How we work

The Equestrian Group occupies a unique niche in the horse community. We offer a hands-on attentive approach to our customers needs. We also give our clients the broad protection and competitive rates only available through national marketing and high volume insurance company relationships.  We take a “total business” approach to risk management and problems solving. Our legal and engineering staff custom design forms and contracts for our clients to include essential risk management language.  That means you deal with less paperwork and get more protection.

 Equestrian Insurance Group Beliefs

We believe that good risk management is the key to affordable insurance planning.  With a flexible and fresh look at your particular situation, we often see where a simple change can significantly lower or even eliminate a risk and your premium.  Francis Bacon was right when he said “Knowledge is power”.  A well-informed client is an essential part of a successful insurance program. To deal with a loss exposure without overspending, you must understand why a risk exists and how a loss can occur. You need an insurance representative who puts extra demands on himself and his companies. But excellence is always well rewarded.

With access to every major insurance market our clients are guaranteed the best insurance policy at the most competitive price.

Is the Equestrian Group right for you?

Our clients share a prevailing interest in horses and the good sense to know when that interest needs to be safeguarded. An appreciation for an unbridled spirit is rarely diminished by the desire for sound and secure insurance coverage. Whether you’re looking for a single insurance policy or an entire risk management program, the insurance representative you choose is the most important decision you will make. We value your trust and confidence, and that is why we work so hard to make these unique coverage’s possible for you. We would like to join your management team and offer you our unconditional service guarantee.

Equine Mortality & Major Medical
purple rounded go button with text Go!  We designed this vital coverage to insure your horse against death or injury from almost any cause. The mortality policy includes humane destruction made necessary by an illness or accidental injury. Our policy is unique in the industry as the basic form includes coverage for theft and colic surgery at no additional cost Preferred rates, comprehensive worldwide coverage, telephone binders and 24 hour claim service makes this your policy of choice.  
Professional Trainers Liability
purple rounded go button with text Go!  Our special liability policy for trainers and riding instructors covers your liability exposures anywhere in the United States or it’s territories for as little as $500 per year. Premises owners and show grounds are automatically named as additional insureds at no additional cost.  We can even include coverage for your tack, equipment and care, custody & control.  All you have to do is complete a one page application. We can have your policy in force within 24 hours! 
Recreational Liability Programs
purple rounded go button with text Go!  The Equestrian Group stands for innovation and quality in the horse insurance industry.  In fact, we invented many of the policy forms and endorsements now considered standard coverage for the horse owner today.  Thanks to years of underwriting experience The Equestrian Group has developed these high quality insurance programs for your protection.
Farm / Ranch Boarding Stables
purple rounded go button with text Go!  The Equestrian Group Farm & Ranch package is custom designed to meet the insurance needs of today’s horse farm owner. The farm policy offers both flexibility and broad protection at a competitive price. Whether you operate your equestrian facility as an individual, partnership, or a corporation we can tailor make the necessary insurance protection.

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