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Allen Financial Entertainment is an innovator of entertainment and special event liability insurance.  We offer comprehensive insurance programs for our entertainment clients developed from the experience garnered by decades of work in this field. Our programs have provided outstanding protection for thousands of  entertainers, promoters and venues spanning the spectrum of  R&B to Rock To Rap and Hip Hop.  Events insured by AFIG Entertainment have featured a diverse group of national performers ranging from Aretha Franklin and Three Dog Night to Kid Rock, Yung Joc  and Lil Wayne.

As a national broker we have access to every major entertainment insurance company in the United States.  As a national general agent we regularly quote, bind and issue your policy on the same day!  Our comprehensive insurance portfolio gives you the ability to combine broad property, liability, commercial auto, and umbrella coverage.



American Recreation &
Entertainment Alliance

Special Events Program Highlights

Per Event Limits:

bullet   $1,000,000 - Per Occurrence
bullet   $1,000,000 - Products / Completed Operations
bullet   $1,000,000 - Personal Injury & Advertising Liability
bullet   $1,000,000 - Host Liquor Liability
bullet   $3,000,000 - Aggregate (total limit for the duration of the event)
bullet      $100,000 - Property damage to leased premises


bullet   Contractual liability provided
bullet   The facility can be named as an additional insured at no extra cost
bullet   Multiple additional insureds
bullet   Host liquor liability
bullet   Separate limits for personal injury liability and advertising injury liability
bullet   Premises damage coverage does not have care, custody or control exclusion.
bullet   Commercial liquor liability
bullet   Automatic additional protected person status for Lessors and Volunteer Workers
bullet   Coverage for Employee and Volunteer injury that results from failure to provide first aid
bullet   Set up and take down (day before & day after).
bullet   Terrorism coverage
bullet   Limits available to $11,000,000

Optional Coverage

bullet   Participant Legal Liability Coverage
bullet   Liquor Legal Liability
bullet   Third Party Property Damage
bullet   Participant & Spectator Medical Benefit Coverage
bullet   Event Cancellation
bullet   Rain & Weather Insurance
bullet   Rented Equipment, Props, Sets & Wardrobe
bullet   Flood & Earthquake
bullet   Automobile
bullet   Boiler & Machinery
bullet   Directors and Officers
bullet   Umbrella Policy


  Things You Should Know:


Liquor Legal Liability... Things you should know


Special Event Risk Management

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Special Event  Classifications

Category   Type of Event
Ceremonies:   Graduations, Weddings
Concerts:   Classical Music Concerts, Country Western, Heavy Metal, Jam and Jazz Concerts, Pop Music Concert, Concert Promoters, Rap / Hip Hop**, Rock, Salsa Concert, Reggae, New Age, Blue Grass, School Band Competitions or Events and Symphony Concerts.

Exhibitions &


  Auctions, Drill Team Exhibitions, Educational Exhibitions, Job Fairs,  Trade Shows
Festivals & Amusement:   Art Festivals, Bazaars, Carnivals, Circus, County Festivals and Fairs, Country Western Events, Rodeos, Cultural Events, Exhibitions, Festivals, Harvest Festivals, Haunted Houses, Oktoberfest, Pumpkin Patch, Tractor Pulls
Lectures:   Lectures, Seminars and Speaking Engagements.
Meetings:   Amateur Association Meetings, Book Signings, Business Meetings, Church Services or Meetings, Civic Club Meetings, Conferences, Evangelistic Meetings, Ladies Club Events, Luncheons, Meetings - Indoors, Meetings - Outdoors, Professional Association Meetings, Record Signings, Teleconferences and Union Meetings.
Miscellaneous:   Film Production, Fireworks and Pyrotechnics.
Parties:   Anniversary Parties, Banquets, Birthday Parties,  Block parties, Business Parties, Debutante Balls, Old Timer Events, Picnics held at grounds without pools or lakes, Proms, Reunions - Indoors, Reunions - Outdoors, Social Gatherings - Outdoors, Social Receptions, Street Closures and Wedding Receptions.
Political:   Chamber of Commerce Events, Heads of State Events, Political Rallies and Voter Registration.
Religious or Spiritual Gatherings:   Charity Benefits and Sťances.
Sales:   Auctions, Rummage Sales, Sales - Other, Sidewalk Sales, Swap Meets and Telethons.
Shows:   Animal Acts and Shows, Antique Shows, Art Shows, Auto Shows, Award Presentations, Beauty Pageants, Boat Shows, Business Shows, Camera Shows, Card Shows, Casino Shows, Comedy Shows, Computer Shows, Consumer Shows, Debuts, Fashion Shows, Film Screenings, Film Showings, Flower Shows, Garden Shows, Gun and Knife Shows, Home Shows, Hypnotists, Ice Skating Shows, Livestock Shows, Lounge Shows, Mobile Home Shows, Nightclub Shows, Pageants, RV Shows, Talent Shows and Vacation Shows.
Sporting Events Games, Dance:   Aerobics Classes or Events, Ballets, Balloon Events, Baseball, Basketball, Bicycle Races, Bicycle Rallies - Not including any Racing, Bingo Games, Body Building Contests, Boxing, Classic Dance Shows, Fishing Events, Football Games, Gymnastic Competitions, Hockey Games, Horse Shows, Instructional Classes, Jazzercise, Jazzercise Classes or Events, Junior Athletic Games, Karate Meets, Marathons (walking, running, etc.),  Overnight Camping, Professional Sporting Events, Rodeos and Roping Events, Scouting Jamborees - no overnight camping, Ski Events, Soap Box Derbies, Softball Events, Sporting Events in Buildings - Non-professional, Swimming, Swimming Pool Facilities, Tap Dancing, Tractor Pulls, Triathlons, Volleyball Events, Water Activities or Events and Wrestling.
Theatre Events:   Film Screenings, Play Readings, Plays and Theatrical Stage Performances.
    ** subject to risk management and underwriting  review


bullet Athletic participants (alternative program available for this exposure)
bullet Collapse exclusion (tents)
bullet Pyrotechnics & explosives
bullet Inter-company liability suits
bullet Field of entertainment limitation (Entertainer's slander exclusion)
bullet Asbestos
bullet No fault medical payments


                          Special Event Insurance Planning

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