Short Term Film Production Insurance 

  The AFIG Film Producers Package provides essential and cost effective insurance solutions for short term production films with budgets under $1,000,000 and a shooting schedule of less than 180 days.  Protection extends beyond the property and liability exposures associated with these productions.  It can also insures extra expenses arising from illness or injury to cast members, loss or damage to negative film or videotape, or problems arising from faulty cameras, film or processing
  Long recognized for delivering superior service, Allen Financial Entertainment and it's affilliate companies, support policyholders through its global network of loss control and claim professionals.  Our loss control specialists have a deep knowledge of the entertainment business.  They identify potential hazards and help mitigate or prevent losses.  They can provide invaluable advice in fire prevention, disaster recovery planning, equipment maintenance and premises safety.  The AFIG Entertainment & Media Division provides entertainment insurance coverage on a worldwide basis for Motion Pictures, Television, Video and D.I.C.E. productions.  We frequently quote and issue a policy on the same day.  

    Coverage available through the Short Term Production Insurance program include:

 $1,000,000 Commercial Liability - $500 Minimum Premium
 Rented Equipment
 Owned Equipment
 Props, Sets and Wardrobe
 Negative & Faulty Stock
 Third Party Property Damage
 Cast Extra Expense - Blanket coverage with sickness
 Travel Accident in compliance with Guild requirements
 Commercial General Liability
 Automobile Liability and Physical Damage
 Workers Compensation
 Excess Liability & Umbrella to $10,000,000

    Stunts, Pyrotechnics, Animals & Driving exposures have been added to policy eligibility!

Aerial Scenes - filmed shoots from aircraft Choreographed Stunt Falls Stunts & Fight Scenes Precision Driving & Recreational Vehicles Water Shoots Weapons - Prop guns, squibs, blanks, knives Pyrotechnics & Demolition Explosions Scenes involving use of Animals  Automobile Liability and Physical Damage  Workers Compensation  Excess Liability & Umbrella to $10,000,000

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