Chubb Private Risk Portfolio
High Value Dwelling Insurance

The Chub Private Risk Portfolio High Value Dwelling Insurance policy offers the industry’s broadest and most comprehensive coverage available to the  high value owner at a competitive preferred price.

With a high degree of flexibility, the ACE Platinum Portfolio allows you to coordinate the coverage you need within a single insurance program that’s easy to manage and uniquely suited to your lifestyle.  One package policy and one bill can often satisfy your need for home, auto, valuable collections and umbrella liability insurance.

Allen Financial Private Risk Services helps individuals and families enjoy the success they have achieved by enhancing their security and protecting their assets with custom-fit insurance and risk management programs.

We know that as our customers’ wealth grows, the risks that can threaten their family and lifestyle also increase.  By working with the independent agents and brokers who represent us, we help our customers understand those risks, and make it easy to confront them in a simple yet comprehensive program – the Chubb Platinum Portfolio.

Offering extraordinary protection and flexibility, the ACE Platinum Portfolio can often satisfy customers’ needs for home, auto, valuable collections, watercraft, and umbrella liability insurance in one precisely tailored package policy

The superb quality of coverage and service becomes most evident when customers have a claim. When asked, every customer who has had one to assess our performance.  The consistent result… 99 percent would likely refer us to their friends or family.

Benefits of the Portfolio Approach

Home Insurance

Fine homes deserve special treatment

The ACE Platinum Portfolio recognizes that fine homes often have unique features and high quality furnishings that require special treatment not found in standard industry policies.  To ensure the proper level of protection, our home policy includes many benefits:

Full Replacement Cost Coverage
We promise to pay the full cost of having your home and other structures on your property rebuilt after a covered total loss, even if the amount exceeds the limit in your policy

Replacement cost for contents.
We do not apply depreciation to furniture, clothing, and your other possessions. Buy new replacements of similar type and quality, and we will reimburse you

Broad coverage
We automatically include coverage for identity fraud, kidnap and ransom, home banking records, mortgage re-negotiation, land restoration, and personal computers and computer records. We can also provide extra coverage for losses due to flood

High Value Dwelling Insurance

Cash settlement option.

If you decide not to rebuild your home after a covered total loss, you can choose to receive a cash settlement up to your policy limit.
Rental property option.
If you rent a property you own to someone else, you have the option to insure only the structure and not the contents.

Automobile Insurance

Rated AA by Standard & Poors
#1 Property & Casualty Insurer on Barrons 500 List
A+ Rated by A.M. Best

Setting Higher Standards

If you appreciate superior craftsmanship, performance, and comfort in your vehicle, you’ll appreciate the higher standards for auto coverage and service in the ACE Platinum Portfolio

Policy Benefits

“Agreed Value.”

By choosing this option, you can lock in the value of your vehicle and avoid depreciation if it becomes a total loss.  Standard policies can take thousands out of your reimbursement by applying the most aggressive form of depreciation

“New for Old.”

This option replaces your “totaled” auto with a comparable new one in the latest model year.

“OEM” parts

We always pay for parts produced by the original manufacturer, also called OEM parts. Some auto policies will only pay for “generic” auto parts from third-party manufacturers.

Road service and overnight expenses.

Our Comprehensive coverage automatically includes road service and even two days of overnight expenses if you’re stranded far from home.

No deductible for windows, locks, and airbags

We will pay to replace broken or chipped windows, locks that need to be replaced due to lost or stolen keys, and airbags that accidentally deploy – and we won’t hold you responsible for the deductible.

Comparable auto rental during repairs.

We do not limit the daily expense of renting a car while your vehicle is being repaired due to a covered loss. Standard policies often have strict daily limits equivalent to the cost of renting a small economy car.

High liability limits

We offer liability limits from the state minimum levels up to $500,000 and beyond. Bargain policies may not be able to offer adequate limits for high net worth customers, who make lucrative targets for liability lawsuits.

Rental car damage and loss of use.

If you damage a rental car, the rental company may hold you responsible for the cost of repairing the vehicle as well as lost income while the car is out of commission. Unlike standard industry policies, we automatically cover both, and we do so on a worldwide basis.

If you damage a rental car, the rental company may hold you responsible for the cost of repairing the vehicle as well as lost income while the car is out of commission. Unlike standard industry policies, we automatically cover both, and we do so on a worldwide basis.

The Chubb Platinum Portfolio auto policy offers two options to minimize the impact of depreciation:

•“Agreed Value”

Establishes the value of your auto before it becomes a total loss.

•“New for Old”

Pays to replace damaged vehicle with a comparable new car.

High Value Dwelling Insurance
High Value Dwelling Insurance

Valuable Collections Insurance

Exceptional Coverage for Exceptional Items

While our home policy includes coverage for your valuables, many people choose to insure their most precious possessions with the added protection of a valuables policy, which offers broader coverage on a worldwide basis

Policy Benefits:

  • No deductible. If you lose an engagement ring or break a precious antique, the loss is covered from the first dollar.

  • Market value coverage. We settle covered losses at least at the scheduled amount or, if higher, at market value up to 150 percent of the scheduled amount.

  • Single item or blanket coverage. You have the option to schedule individual items or choose blanket coverage for groups of valuables such as a jewelry, crystal, or art collections.

  • “All risk” coverage. Your valuable possessions will be protected against loss due to flooding, which is excluded from the home policy.

  • Worldwide coverage. Don’t worry about taking your precious jewelry or professional-grade camera abroad.

  • Newly acquired items. We automatically include coverage for items acquired within the previous 30 days, or 90 days for fine arts.

High Value Dwelling Insurance

Umbrella Liability Insurance

As your wealth increases, so does your attractiveness as a target for lawsuits. Settlements for serious injury or property damage can exceed the liability limits of your home or auto policies. You could lose your home, property, savings and investments – even your future income. Umbrella coverage offers critical protection in these cases. It offers the following benefits:

  • High limit availability. You can acquire from $1 million up to $100 million of additional liability protection for bodily and personal injury.

  • Fills coverage gaps. Our umbrella policy will pay from the first dollar of loss if a coverage gap exists in the home or auto policy

  • Legal defense. Once the resources of your underlying coverage are exhausted, we will coordinate and pay for your legal defense without reducing your liability limit.

  • Private consultation. We provide coverage for the cost of having your lawyer monitor our legal defense efforts.

  • Reputation defense. We provide coverage for the cost of having a public relations firm protect your reputation.

  • Court costs. In addition to the settlement to an insured party, you will be covered for potentially substantial court costs and fees associated with the defense of your case.

  • Optional enhancements. You can add coverage for uninsured/underinsured liability, employment practices liability, and not-for-profit director’s & officer’s liability


How much are you at risk of being sued?  Complete our Personal Liability Scorecard to find out.While everyone is at risk for being the target of a personal liability lawsuit, some people are more at risk than others, especially if they have substantial assets.

High Value Dwelling Insurance

Pleasure Boat and Yacht Insurance

 Whether you are seeking coverage for a yacht, small boat, luxury mega-yacht, classic or vintage boat, high performance, select charter boat or personal watercraft, we have the ability to meet your coverage needs through a variety of customized policies available from ACE Recreational Marine.

Specialized protection for  pleasure yachts and boats

High Value Dwelling Insurance
High Value Dwelling Insurance

Personal Identity Protection

Safeguarding your identity has grown increasingly difficult to in today’s constantly changing, technology-driven world.  The probability of an average family being victimized by identity fraud in a given year is 10 percent, and having substantial assets to target may raise the risk.

To help you guard against this threat, we offer complimentary access to services from ID Resolution, LLC, a leader in identify fraud resolution and personal identity management.

Complimentary Services – Highlights

  • Fraud Resolution: Specialists can handle nearly all types of identity fraud, including account takeovers, credit card fraud, and medical identity theft.  They will work on your behalf directly with all relevant parties, including credit bureaus, collection agencies, creditors, law enforcement, and government agencies.

  • Social Networks: Specialists will help users of social media sites protect personal information, preserve online privacy, purge inappropriate content, and defend against viruses and cyber threats, including cyber-stalking and cyber-bullying.

  • Reputation Management: Specialists will help correct information placed erroneously or fraudulently in public databases posting to background reports.

  • Travel Assistance: Before you travel, get safety advice relevant to your destination.  If you lose important documents while traveling, get concierge level service worldwide to help you recover or replace the documents and return home safely.

  • Document Recovery: Get help replacing your driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, insurance policies, birth certificates, passports, deeds, bank records, and more if they are destroyed after a fire, flood, or other disaster.


High Value Dwelling Insurance
High Value Dwelling Insurance

High Value Dwelling Insurance
In A RUSH? Call 800-945-7461, option 1

Our claims representative will validate your status as a policyholder and then transfer you directly to a specialist at ID Resolution. Using the services does not count as a claim.

See our complete suite of identity protection services, including those to protect your identify when it is most vulnerable, such as during home or auto theft, relocation, marriage or divorce, or the death of a spouse.

ID Resolution’s leadership team has an average of 20 years experience in working with businesses and wealthy individuals and families. Their work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Money, USA Today, and many other popular publications.


Flexible Billing: We offer several billing options to make it easier on your budget.

Claims Service: 24 hours, 7 days a week toll-free Claim Action Hotline puts you in immediate contact with a claim service representative, enabling you to report claims quickly and efficiently. No matter when disaster strikes—even 3 a.m. on a holiday weekend—simply call our toll-free number. We can have a clean-up crew to most homes within two hours of an emergency. We can help you find and manage repair services. And, we can pay settled claims within hours through our electronic funds transfer (EFT) program. Throughout the process, we make every step as transparent and as easy as possible for you.


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