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Race Horse Mortality Insurance 

Thoroughbred - Thoroughbred Mortality - Equine Mortality

 Race Horse Mortality – Equine Mortality Insurance

Allen Financial Insurance Group & The Equestrian Group

Thoroughbred Mortality Plan for values up to $1,000,000

It’s important that your horses are protected by a company with a national presence, strong financial background and established equine expertise.  The Equestrian Group and Catlin Insurance Group offers this stability through their Livestock Mortality Division.

The Equestrian Group has served horse owners for over 35 years. Our knowledgeable agents, underwriters and claims staff possess the experience and training to handle all facets of your equine insurance.

Guaranteed Coverage Extension

The Full Mortality policy also includes Guaranteed Extension coverage. This coverage provides that in the event of a condition occurring and reported during the policy period, mortality coverage will automatically continue for up to 12 months from the expiration date for that specific condition.

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Extended Renewal Protection

Permits renewal of coverage on a designated animal without the need for a current veterinarian’s health certificate, if the renewal is for the same use.

Thoroughbred Mortality – Equine Mortality 

Race Horse Surgical

For a covered horse, we will pay reasonable and customary veterinary fees, incurred by you as a direct result of surgical treatment, and miscellaneous extras as defined below and necessitated by an accident, illness, injury and/or disease occurring during the policy period and does not pre-exist the effective date of the endorsement and immediately reported by the Insured.

Coverage for an accident, illness, injury and/or disease reported to us during the policy period will continue through the ninety (90) day extension period. We may decide not to continue the Race Horse Surgical Endorsement on a covered horse after the current policy period, even though the Horse Mortality Insurance Policy remains in force. However, if you do not continue coverage on a covered horse after the current policy period, we will not pay for treatment beyond thirty (30) days after the expiration of the current policy period.

The Twelve Month Extension and the Automatic Additions Endorsements do not apply to this endorsement.

There is an additional premium of $200 per covered horse per policy period as shown on the schedule or by endorsement. This amount is fully earned and no portion will be returned if a covered horse is deleted from the policy or the entire policy is cancelled by you or in the event a claim payment is made under the endorsement.

$250 of reasonable and customary veterinary fees for each single claim.

The most we will pay for the combined cost of reasonable and customary veterinary fees and miscellaneous extras is $5,000 or our limit of liability as shown on the schedule, whichever is less, per covered horse per policy period for all covered surgical treatment and miscellaneous extras.

1. Surgical treatment – we will pay an amount equal to 80% of the actual charge incurred for a surgical procedure for any one (1) accident, illness, injury and/or disease.

2. Miscellaneous extras – we will pay an amount equal to 50% of the actual charges incurred as miscellaneous extras for any one (1) surgical treatment.

If you have a partial ownership in the covered horse, we will pay only the portion of any covered expense as it directly relates to your percentage of ownership interest in the horse, subject to the limit of liability.

All Risk Mortality & Theft

This policy is available for foals, yearlings, stallions, mares and geldings of all breeds and types. We have designed this coverage to insure your horse against death from almost any cause. This includes transportation and humane destruction made necessary by an illness or accidental injury anywhere in the continental United States or Canada.  We can even quote and bind coverage on the telephone!

Our policy automatically includes

***$5,000 Emergency Colic Surgery Expense Endorsement is automatically included with Horse Mortality Insurance Policy on horses 90 days of age up to and including 15 years of age provided no previous history of colic surgery.

This endorsement WILL NOT be included if Major Medical Coverage or Race Horse Surgical Coverage is purchased.

Guaranteed extension and agreed value coverage are also automatically included in full mortality policies.

Binding Thoroughbred Mortality – Equine Mortality 

THE EQUESTRIAN GROUP will bind Limited Mortality coverage by telephone or FAX with premium payment.  Full Mortality can be bound if your veterinarian calls immediately after examining the animal. Limited Mortality perils include fire, lightning, flood, theft and transportation accidents. Coverage is bound pending receipt and acceptance of the completed application, veterinary certificate (if applicable) and any other supporting information requested. A satisfactory Statement of Health is adequate to bind and issue mortality coverage for horses valued up to $25,000, ages 30 days to 17 years old. Payment plans available.


The value of a horse is usually the paid purchase price. Other factors can also be taken into consideration when determining the insurable value. Transportation costs from point of purchase, sales tax and training expenses are examples of direct costs that can be included in valuation calculations. The insurance value may further increase with prize winnings, performance level and when offspring justifies such an increase. If the requested insurance amount exceeds the purchase price please provide an explanation of valuation.

All Risk Mortality Rates

Thoroughbred Rating Plan for values up to $300,000 (100% interest)

Foals Rate
24 hours to 7 days of age 5.65%
8 days to 29 days of age 5.25%
30 days to 90 days of age 4.85%
91 days of age to Sept. 30 3.50%
Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 3.00%
January 1 to October 31 3.00%
November 1 to December 31 4.50%
Racing (up to & including age 10)
Colts and Fillies up to $24,999 6.25%
Colts and Fillies $25,000 to $49,999 5.00%
Colts and Fillies $50,000 and over 4.85%
Geldings – 2 and 3 year olds as colts above
Geldings – 4 to 7 years of age 6.50%
Geldings – 8 to 10 years of age submit
At Grass 3.75%
European Racing only (colts and fillies) submit to underwriter
Mares and Stallions
2 to 14 years of age 3.15%
15 years of age 5.60%
16 years of age 8.00%
17 years of age 10.50%
18 year of age or older submit to underwriter
Accident, Sickness & Disease
2 to 15 years of age 0.35%
16 years of age 0.75%
17 years of age 1.00%
18 year of age or older submit to underwriter
Specified Perils (including theft)

Thoroughbred Mortality – Equine Mortality
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Thoroughbred - Thoroughbred Mortality - Equine Mortality

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Thoroughbred - Thoroughbred Mortality - Equine Mortality

Thoroughbred - Thoroughbred Mortality - Equine Mortality