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Dog Kennel, Veterinary & Animal Services Insurance

Our Pet Pac Kennel Insurance Program is a preferred insurance policy designed specifically for  veterinarians, kennels, animal hospitals, domestic pet breeders & groomers, obedience trainers, pet motels, pet stores and animal cemeteries.

The Ultra Pac Kennel Insurance policy provides coverage for buildings and/or personal property at the described premises.  Insureds and their employees are protected from business liability for bodily injury, property damage, professional liability, personal injury or advertising injury.  Care, custody and control or bailee coverage is automatically included in the package.

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  AFIG Entertainment is America’s First Choice for Dog Kennel Insurance – Veterinary & Animal Services Insurance

    Animal Hospitals
    Pet Motels/Hotels
    Domestic Pet Breeders
    Pet Groomers

    Kennel Clubs
    Obedience Schools
    Dog Training
    Pet Stores

Additional coverage in this program include:


  •  Loss of earnings and extra expense are covered for the actual loss sustained for a period of up to 12 months.
  •  Computer Equipment/Data/Media – Premises or in transit – $25,000
  •  Property damage caused by domestic animals – covered up to policy limits.
  • Pet Grooming Professional Liability coverage is insured to policy limits
  •  Owned animals and pets covered up to policy limits for death, destruction or loss resulting from a covered cause of loss.
  •  Animals and pets in your care, custody or control..
  •  Spoilage – $1,000 coverage for damage to personal property, with option to purchase additional limits.
  •  Accounts receivable – $25,000 coverage extension, with option to purchase up to $250,000.
  •  Employee Dishonesty – Provides $15,000 of coverage for loss of your business property, money and securities caused by covered dishonest acts committed by your employees.
  •  Valuable papers and records – $25,000 coverage extension, with option to purchase up to $250,000.
  •  Equipment Breakdown – Covers damage related to certain equipment failure which is often not covered by warranties or property policies.
  •  Outdoor signs – $7,500 coverage for signs, with option to purchase additional limits.
  •  Money and securities – $10,000 on premises and $5,000 off premises coverage.
  • Veterinary Professional Liability – Provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage caused by your rendering professional services as an animal services professional.
  • Veterinary Expenses – Provides coverage for expenses you incur as a non-veterinarian (i.e. pet store, kennel, etc.) from veterinary services for your customers animals that are injured while in your care, custody or control.

Optional Coverage:

  • Automobile
  • Workmans Compensation
  • Umbrella
  • Horse Mortality & Major Medical


Ineligible Occupancies


bullet Animal auctions
bullet Animals for hire
bullet Animal shelters or rescue organizations
bullet Dog shows or racing
bullet Guard dog training or service
bullet Hatcheries
bullet Horse shows or racing
bullet Laboratory breeding service
bullet Mobile grooming service
bullet Rodeos
bullet Stables or riding academies

NOTE: Equine practice must be less than 50% of gross receipts.

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