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Photography Insurance – Videography Insurance

Photographer Insurance & Videographer Insurance Liability
By: Allen Financial Insurance Group

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Professional Photographer Insurance

As a professional photographer, you’re a specialist in your field, and we are here to help you succeed. We understand the unique risks associated with being a photographer, which involve much more than getting the perfect shot. Professional photographers work in difficult conditions across a wide variety of fields. That’s why we offer photographers liability insurance to fit your specific needs in this ever-changing industry.

Professional Videographer Insurance

You may think you can’t afford insurance or that you do not need insurance, but what happens if your videography equipment is stolen or someone is injured during a shoot? Videography equipment is expensive and a significant hit to the wallet if you have to replace it out of pocket or face a lawsuit in the event someone is hurt. Having insurance for you and your videography business is not just essential for your financial protection, it’s a way you can stand out from the fly-by-night competition who are uninsured.

Are you a videographer looking to insure your videography business? Is a venue requiring you to list them on a Certificate of Insurance as an Additional Insured?

Who needs Photographer Insurance?

All entrepreneurs or contractors that make a living from photography or videography are wise to have insurance coverage. In fact, some venues and prospective clients may require proof of insurance before you begin shooting. Without photographers insurance, your business may miss out on lucrative jobs and you’ll be exposing your business to significant financial risk.

Photography businesses need insurance to cover their valuable and essential equipment, such as cameras and lenses. They also need it because they’re working with people in public places which can lead to accidents. For example, people can trip over props or cords and get injured. You also run the risk of missing a once-in-a-lifetime moment and having a client pursue legal action against you.

As you can see, while photographers aren’t exposed to the risks of a cardiac surgeon, their profession is full of risks that need to be protected against. Finding the right coverage at the right price then becomes mission critical to your photography business.

Photographer Insurance - Videographer Insurance - Photographer - Videographer

Photographer Insurance - Videographer Insurance - Photographer - Videographer

Photographer Insurance - Videographer Insurance - Photographer - Videographer

Photographer Insurance - Videographer Insurance - Photographer - Videographer

Our Photography Insurance & Videography Insurance Program provides outstanding protection for hundreds of commercial film and photography businesses. This comprehensive insurance portfolio gives you the ability to combine liability insurance with broad equipment, commercial auto, workers compensation and umbrella coverage. Our Cameras, Tools & Equipment Coverage protects you against loss of owned, borrowed or leased equipment at any location.

Photographers and videographers use complicated and expensive equipment to capture special moments in people’s lives, which can expose their businesses to some unique and specific risks. You could be working in a studio with a heavy props or hot lighting equipment. Or you could be recording video at a wedding where you and your assistants have to navigate among celebrating guests in a crowded room.  And that’s in addition to the typical issues most businesses deal with like property damage to your studio or loss of important critical documents and records. Learn about the coverage’s photographers and videographers typically need, and most often purchase, from Allen Financial Insurance Group.

Photographer Insurance - Videographer Insurance - Photographer - Videographer

Photographer Insurance & Videographer Insurance Coverage Highlights

AFIG Photographer Insurance Program

  1. Simple – Buy your policy 100% online in minutes, whenever and wherever you choose.
  2. Affordable – With amazing prices and absolutely no extra fees.
  3. Custom – Your business insurance coverage is designed to meet your needs.
  • A+ Rated Company 
  • Preferred Rates
  • Immediate Quotes 
  • 24/7 Claims Service 
  • Monthly Payment Plan 

Optional Coverage : 
Automobile, Workers Compensation, Umbrella/Excess Liability 

Standard Liability Limits

$1,000,000 Event Insurance as low as $100 with Immediate Coverage.
Occurrence $1,000,000
General Aggregate $2,000,000
Aggregate Products / Completed Operations $1,000,000
Personal / Advertising Injury $1,000,000
Damage to Premises Rented to You $300,000
Medical Payments $5,000

Claims Service

24 hours, 7 days a week toll-free Claim Action Hotline puts you in immediate contact with a claim service representative, enabling you to report claims quickly and efficiently. Prompt reporting helps mitigate the risk of injury or damage and expedites claim handling.

Flexible Billing

We offer several billing options for our photographer insurance program to make it easier on your budget!

  • Lump Sum: 20% down and receive a bill for the remaining balance in a month. We’ll send you one bill upon renewal.
  • Semi-annual Payment: 50% down payment and 50% in six months.
  • Four Payment: 25% down and receive up to three installment bills.
  • Ten Payment: 20% down and pay premium by the end of the tenth month, with the remaining premium spread throughout the nine monthly bills.
  • Direct Bill Toll Free Hotline

Photographer Insurance & Videographer Insurance
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Photographer Insurance - Videographer Insurance - Photographer - Videographer

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Photographer Insurance - Videographer Insurance - Photographer - Videographer

Photographer Insurance - Videographer Insurance - Photographer - Videographer