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Technology Industries Insurance Program

Coverage that keeps pace with Technology

In today’s highly competitive business environment you need every advantage to succeed. That’s especially true when it comes to selecting your information technology insurance. You have made a considerable investment in your business and that investment needs protection.  

Innovation drives technology, blazing new trails to move us forward each day. Yet with innovation comes risk which can quash creativity and limit potential.Allen Financial underwriters understand the needs of technology companies to feel safe while they create and explore. 

We focus on protecting their most valuable assets, creativity and innovation, with specialized insurance solutions to fit their needs.

Our companies were first to issue an auto insurance policy, first to insure aerial transportation, first to insure electronic data processing and first to issue an accident policy for space flight and lunar exploration.

At Allen Financial we see the infinite potential for technology to bring about game-changing advancements. That’s why we strive to provide innovative solutions for our technology clients: to ensure that we’re always ready to meet our client’s most unique needs.

Insurance solutions across four broad technology industries

For more than 25 years, we’ve been insuring companies in the telecommunications, information technology, medical technology and electronics manufacturing industries. We understand the unique needs of each industry and offer a broad range of insurance products and services so that our technology clients can tailor their coverage for their situation.

Key technology business areas

To help our technology companies manage risk, we offer a broad range of insurance products and services focused on four technology segments:

  •  Telecommunications Companies
  •  Information Technology Companies
  •  Medical Technology Companies
  •  Electronics manufacturing Companies
  •  Clean Energy & Technology Practice

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