Participant Accident Medical Insurance 

Allen Financial  offers stand alone volunteer and participant accident medical insurance for group activities and organizations of almost any type.  This program covers the cost of medical treatment for a covered accident for all registered participants and volunteers.

In today’s fast-paced society, accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, while traveling with a business group, vacationing, attending school, participating in athletics or a variety of other situations. Many families have little to no medical insurance, and those who do have coverage may be required to meet large deductibles before their insurance pays any benefits.

However, now a comprehensive program has been developed to specifically cover the inherent risks involved in today’s adult groups. This Accident Medical Insurance Program is designed to help eliminate the financial and emotional burden one can incur as a result of an injury in today’s adult group activities.

Allen Financial Accident & Health offers a wide range of participant and volunteer accident medical products for sponsored sporting  and special event activities. These plans provide accident medical benefits and, at the sponsor’s option, may include accidental death, dismemberment, dental and disability benefits, as well.

Participant Accident Insurance                                        Riding Clubs
Volunteer Accident Insurance                                        Fraternal Organizations
Club Member Accident Insurance                                        Retreats
Employee Assisted Therapy                                        School Groups
Sports Camps                                        Special Events
The Accident Medical Coverage Benefits
  • Provides personal accident insurance for group-sponsored activities or special events.
  • Includes worldwide travel assistance services that provide emergency medical, emergency travel, and pre-trip information services.

Who Is Covered
Coverage may be extended to administrators, staff and supervisors of the activities or events. Specified trip coverage and other additional benefits are available on an optional basis to meet the special needs of sponsoring organizations and their participants.

Typically, we provide this insurance on a sponsor-paid blanket basis to:

  • Amateur sports teams, sports clubs and sports camps
  • Schools, day care and child care centers
  • Religious and charitable organizations
  • Volunteer, civic and community service organizations
  • Recreational clubs and associations
  • Youth groups and youth camps
  • Sponsors of special events

Medical Expense Benefit

If the Insured Person incurs eligible expenses as the result of a covered injury, directly and independently of all other causes, the Company will pay the charges incurred for such expense within 1 year, beginning on the date of accident. Payment will be made for eligible expenses in excess of the applicable Deductible Amount, not to exceed the Maximum Medical Benefit. The first such expense must be incurred within 60 days after the date of the accident.

“Eligible expense” means charges for the following necessary treatment and service, not to exceed
the usual and customary charges in the area where provided”

This Plan does not cover treatment or service for which benefits are payable or service is available under any other insurance or medical service plan available to the Insured Person.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit

In the event a covered injury results in any of the losses specified below within 1 year (not applicable in Pennsylvania) after the date of the accident, the Company will pay the applicable amount:

Accident Medical Insurance & Accident Insurance
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