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Agent/Broker Resource : FAQ's from Allen Financial Insurance Group

Agent/Broker Resource

FAQ’s from Allen Financial Insurance Group


General Information

Can I submit business for any state?

We will accept business for any state in which you have provided a current insurance license.

Can we change our agency information (phone, fax, email & address,etc.) via the website?

You can change your agency information such as phone, fax, email address via the website by emailing Any other changes that need to be made should be submitted in writing.

How do I get the most recent version of Adobe Reader?

Go to to get the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for FREE!!!

What do I need to get a producer appointment with AFIG?

To qualify as a AFIG / Equestrian Group Producer:

  1. Show a valid insurance insurance license for each state you do business in.
  2. Show proof of current E+O coverage.
  3. Complete, Sign and mail our Producers Agreement.
    Click here to Complete Agreement.


What are your Commission Rates?

We endeavor to pay a standard ten percent commission on most standard programs.  Refer to the individual quote for the risk specific commission.

What happens when a check is returned by the bank from the agent or insured?

We will send a notice to the agent requesting a replacement check along with a $25 processing fee. The replacement must be either a cashier’s check or money order. The agent has 7 days to return the check for processing before the policy cancels. Should this occur and the policy cancels, a notice of cancellation is sent to the agent and client for non-pay.

When will I receive my Commission Check?

On Direct Bill companies you are paid the month following the month AFIG receives the commission. If the account is placed with an Agency Bill gross payment company you are paid the month following the month AFIG receives the premium otherwise remit net payment to AFIG per the broker invoice.

What is necessary to complete a Draft Check Authorization?
  1. Please fill in your name or agency name.
  2. Provide the check number.
  3. The amount of the draft.
  4. The name of your risk.
  5. Please do not forget to sign the form.
  6. Do not send in the original check!
  7. Keep your check in your files as a record of your payment. Click Here to get a copy of our Chex by FAX Form!


How do I send a check payment for multiple accounts?

Write down the names of the various accounts on a separate slip of paper so that the monies may be applied to the correct accounts or write the names directly on the check.

Can I pay a premium by credit card?

Yes. We will accept payment by Visa or MasterCard.  The broker account will be debited a merchant processing fee for any brokered business payment. 
Click Here to get a copy of our credit card authorization form!

Should the agent retain the commission or send in the gross amount?

The agent should always send in the gross amount unless otherwise instructed.

Is the Draft Check Authorization form for the agent or for the insured?

On most programs the form is for the agent to fill out and then the agent’s Trust Check is to be attached.

How long does it take to get a policy?

In the majority of cases you will receive your policy within 30 days.

What programs does AFIG write for Agri-Business and Equine?

AFIG offers various programs in 48 states. To fully evaluate your options, please click the “Policys & Programs” button on the home page then click on the line of business to view our complete offerings.

How is financing arranged?

Many of our programs include a direct bill installment payment feature.  When AFIG finances in house we generally use UPAC Financial Services. If the amount financed is over $650.00 in premium, we require 25% of the premium as a down payment.

Do I as a producer have binding authority?

No. Binding must be exercised by AFIG.