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Beauty Salon & Barber Shop Safety Checklist

By assessing your business procedures and ensuring that your employees are adequately trained, you can create a safer workplace, reduce the risk of losses and help protect your business and your employees.

Do you:
Do you have Material Safety Data Sheets for products to which employees will be exposed? Have you verified the personal protection to be used with each product?
Enforce the use of protective gloves when working with preparations that could cause or aggravate skin irritations?
Have adequate ventilation to remove mists or sprays that may be harmful?
Services Provided
Do you:
Use only brand name, quality products? Do you have purchase records to document the use of such material
Follow use and warning instructions provided by product manufacturers?
Verify proper application instructions and product warnings for house labeled products? Have these products been reviewed by legal counsel?
Question customers about sensitivity to possible preparations that will be used?
Maintain sufficient records to provide customers with the formulas of chemicals used in their services? Could this be provided to a physician for treatment of any rashes or other negative health effects?
Organize your supply areas with clear labeling to avoid the possibility of using the wrong product or formula?
Verify the licensing and certifications of staff performing electrolysis or hair replacement services that involves penetration of the skin?
Office Location
Do you:
Routinely inspect parking and entrance ways to verify smooth and adequately lit walking surfaces?
Clearly mark traffic patterns?
Store soiled towels, hair clippings and trash in closed metal containers?
Have – and use – double cylinder deadlocks on all exterior doors?
Have adequate electrical systems? Circuit breakers, no use of temporary extension cords in lieu of permanent wiring, fused power strips for multiple electrical connections.
Do you:
Regularly inspect chair conditions, booster seat anchor bolts and safety straps?
Provide smocks and towels to protect clothing and skin for all services provided?
Routinely inspect grounding and wiring of electrical appliances?
Have dryers guarded with an automatic cut-off switch to prevent overheating?
Maintain availability of emergency exits? Are these exits clear, adequately lit, and highly visible to customers?
Beauty Salon & Barber Shop Safety Checklist - Allen Financial Insurance_Checklist

The above checklist gives general information related to safety tips and is not intended to address all risks to injury.