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AFIG is a leading provider of Concert Liability Insurance. We offer all-inclusive insurance programs for our entertainment clients developed from the experience garnered by decades of work in this field. Our concert programs have provided outstanding insurance protection for thousands of entertainers, promoters and venues across the United States, spanning the music spectrum from Rock & Roll, Heavy Metal, Soul, R&B, to Rap and Hip Hop. Events insured by us have featured a diverse group of national and local performers from Aretha Franklin and Willie Nelson to Kid Rock, Metallica, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane and more.

As a national broker we have access to every major entertainment insurance company in the United States.  As a national general agent we regularly quote, bind and issue your policy on the same day! If talking to someone first would help answer additional questions, then please, get in touch with us! Call us, chat with us online, or send us an email. Computers are great, but our concert insurance program is provided by real people who want to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why Do I Need Concert Liability Insurance?

What is Concert Liability Insurance?

There are many risks anytime people gather in large crowds, there are risks, especially when you consider the electricity and equipment needed for lights, sound, special effects and food service. All of these factors increase the risk of accidents and injuries at both indoor and outdoor concerts.

Additional concerns include:

  • Damage to equipment, instruments, stages and scaffolding
  • Injury to stage hands, drivers and technicians
  • Event Cancellation / Non Appearance due to weather or a performer’s illness

Concert event insurance can protect you and give you peace of mind knowing you, your crew, the concert workers and the fans will be covered if an accident or unforeseen problem occurs. You can typically either buy insurance for a single concert or as a yearly policy for a series of events. We provide both single concert liability insurance policies and annual event polices.


Things you should know?

Concert Liability Protection

Concert insurance is made up of a few different types of coverage that are packaged together to create risk protection for concert performers, promoters and venues.

Liability coverage protects you if a third party is injured during the event, or as a result of the event activities, or if third-party property is damaged and it is deemed to be your responsibility. The policy will pay claims and the insurance company’s legal counsel will help defend you against liability lawsuits.


Four types of Concert Liability coverage you may need include:

  • General liabilityProtects you from liability claims and lawsuits if you are at fault for property damage or injuries.
  • Liquor liability:
    • Host liquor liability covers issues that may result when an event host provides alcohol on a non-commercial basis.
    • Commercial liquor liability insures vendors who sell liquor at an event.
  • Auto liability: This policy will cover you if you or one of your staff causes injury or property damage in an auto accident in company vehicles or on company time.
  • Third party property damage: Provides coverage if property other than your own is damaged. It can also extend to cover physical damage to the venue.

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General Liability Limits


$1,000,000 – Per Occurrence
$1,000,000 – Products / Completed Operations
$1,000,000 – Personal Injury & Advertising Liability
$1,000,000 – Host Liquor Liability
$3,000,000 – Aggregate (total limit for the duration of the event)
$100,000 – Property damage to leased premises


Additional Liability Coverage


  • Facility named as Additional Insured at No Cost
  • Contractual liability provided
  • Multiple Additional Insureds
  • Commercial Liquor Liability
  • Automatic Additional Protected person status for Lessors & Volunteer Workers
  • Set Up & Take Down
  • Terrorism Coverage
  • Limits available to $11,000,000

Optional Liability Coverage


  • Participant Legal Liability Coverage
  • Liquor Legal Liability
  • Third Party Property Damage
  • Participant & Spectator Medical Benefit Coverage
  • Event Cancellation
  • Rain & Weather Insurance
  • Rented Equipment, Props, Sets & Wardrobe
  • Non-Owned & Hired Auto
  • Umbrella Policy

Concert Liability Insurance
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