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Escape Room Insurance

Solve the insurance mystery with Escape Room Insurance! Prices start at $803.

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What exactly does escape room insurance provide? Escape room insurance protects against costly claims that would cause severe financial damage in the absence of insurance. In addition, for businesses that rent or lease space, the landlord is almost certain to require the escape room to carry liability insurance. Allen Financial Insurance Group’s escape room insurance program solves the puzzle of satisfying landlord insurance requirements.


Solve the insurance mystery with our Escape Room Program!

As a business owner of an Escape Room, you may wonder what the benefits of obtaining General Liability Insurance are. General Liability Insurance provides protection for your business from lawsuits alleging bodily injury and property damage that may arise out of the operations of your Escape Room business. In addition, you may want to also consider protecting your props / staging materials as well as other business personal property through an Inland Marine Policy. Now, it’s not a mystery that business owners don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for insurance. Escape Room owners want a policy that offers the best protection for their business at a fair price. That’s where Allen Financial Insurance comes in! Our Escape Room Insurance Program will provide you with comprehensive coverage for your business at realistic rates!

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Why do escape rooms need insurance?

More and more people are discovering the fun, one-of-a-kind entertainment experience escape rooms offer. An interactive experience takes the entertainment factor to a new level, but it carries a certain level of risk and the need for affordable insurance protection. AFIG puts all the pieces together to deliver a program that provides escape room insurance for general liability claims with the option to add coverage for escape room property such as computers, props, themed décor and equipment. The program is custom-made for escape rooms specializing in clues, puzzles and themes with styles including fantasy, science, futuristic, murder mystery, seasonal and more. This U.S.-based program is available in all states with the ability to quote and purchase coverage online in a matter of minutes.

The following information is offered as a snapshot of the coverages provided through the Allen Financial Insurance Group escape room insurance program. For a complete description of coverages and exclusions, the policies should be read and reviewed in detail. The precise coverage afforded is subject to the terms and conditions of the policies as issued.

Examples of when this type of insurance would be used

What are some examples of when escape room insurance would be used? Here are some scenarios where insurance might come to the escape room’s defense in the event of a crisis.

Scenario 1: A group of college students get carried away during a game and try to forcibly open a prop that was not intended to be opened. As they are trying to pull it apart, one of the participants slips and cuts his head on another prop that is mounted to the wall. The cut is severe and requires stitches. Even though the student contributed to his own injury by ignoring the rules, and even though he signed a waiver, he sends a letter demanding the escape room owner pay his medical bills. The owner immediately forwards the letter to the American Specialty claims adjuster who takes the matter over from there.

Scenario 2: A fire breaks out in an adjoining part of the building where an escape room is located. Significant smoke damage causes props, audio-visual equipment and computers to be replaced. In addition, the escape room is not able to operate for over a week while their property is being repaired, and they lose income they would have otherwise received. Fortunately, the escape room’s owner purchased the optional contents and equipment coverage through AFIG, and she works with a claims adjuster to recover a large portion of the loss and expense caused by the smoke.

Program Summary

U.S. based escape rooms specializing in clues, puzzles and themes. Coverage provided includes liability protection for the escape room, including its employees, for liability claims arising out of its operations. Acceptable styles include, but are not limited to, Fantasy, Science, Futuristic, Murder Mystery and Seasonal. Facilities with climbing walls, trap doors, drop floors, inflatables, trampolines, restraint chains, handcuffs, whips and zip lines are not eligible for this program.


Why should I purchase coverage through Allen Financial Insurance?

AFIG delivers the ability to quote and buy affordable coverage immediately and come back to your account anytime you want. You can secure all necessary documentation online and, once coverage is purchased, eligible additional insureds can be added for no additional cost. Need a copy of the policy? Go online anytime to print a copy of the insurance policy/certificate of insurance, add an additional insured, review coverage or report a claim. Hopefully everything goes smoothly throughout the year, but if an accident occurs where insurance is needed, we provide an easy, hassle-free process to report and manage the claim.


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