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Business Umbrella & Excess Liability Insurance Policy

The Risks, the Law and the Challenge

In the current environment of spiraling legal costs and high liability judgments, businesses need strong liability protection more than ever before. A catastrophe can occur at any time. In the event that it does, Business Umbrella & Excess Liability Insurance Policies will help protect assets by providing higher limits, broader coverage and first dollar defense when primary liability limits have been exhausted or do not respond.

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Food processors, contractors, printers, manufactures, wholesalers, publishers, service industries – there is no business that is immune from under-insured losses. And the startling realities of today’s legal judgments increase the likelihood.

Prior to 1962, there were no jury verdicts for a million dollars. Since that first million-dollar award a quarter century ago, the number has skyrocketed to nearly 5,000.

However, business and industry must continue to take the risks in this litigious environment in order to thrive and grow. For more than a three decades Allen Financial has taken a leadership role in providing business with that extra edge of protection, finding ways to write business protection plans to shield companies from indemnification and possible defense costs.

Business catastrophes can and do happen anytime. Allen Financial shares a place in the risk environment and consistently meets the challenge to provide the very best underwriting expertise available, backed by the nation’s leading insurers and a corporate history of commitment to service.

Consistent, Creative and Specialized

For more than a thirty years, the Allen Financial Group has demonstrated a consistent market approach, maintaining high principles and traditions, exhibiting continuous, planned growth and initiating product innovation that equips it well to explore and respond quickly to out-of-the-ordinary situations.

A reflection of that innovation, Allen Financial has, for more than a decade, remained on top of a fluctuating market and demonstrated again and again the ability to find creative, responsible solutions to insurance problems.

Allen Financial has written a long and varied list of insureds from mass merchandisers to specialty trade contractors to major equine and recreational facilities. The depth gained from carefully evaluating these accounts allows us to confidently approach any account with consistency and integrity.

We know Excess or Umbrella is often the last item worked on when wrapping up an account. Authority at the local level means prompt turnaround time and quick decision making to help our agents and brokers provide better service to their clients.

The focus is clear: provide the service, underwriting skills, technical expertise and local authority required to be an accessible, responsive market with which to do business.

Commitment to Service

To best serve producers and their clients, the underwriter strives to become a valued and knowledgeable source of market information.
Through a program of ongoing and frequent communication with producers, the underwriter can develop an understanding of each client’s needs and be truly responsive, writing policies that address those needs. 

Responsive, Creative, Analytical, Flexible and Knowledgeable.
These are characteristics of the Allen Financial Business Umbrella & Excess Liability underwriter.


Service, Integrity and Responsibility

Excess and Umbrella coverage offer protection for the unexpected, unknown and unintended occurrences. In an age of skyrocketing legal fees and settlements, the strength of an insurer is vital.

Resourceful, Experienced and Responsive

The Allen Financial Business Umbrella & Excess Liability underwriter is a creative problem solver with broad experience and a commitment to service that is integral to our reputation for excellence.

Liability Insurance Specialists

The Allen Financial underwriter is educated in the underwriting philosophies of most liability markets. Responsive in adapting to industry trends, the Allen Financial underwriter is skilled in the ability to work flexibly in the constantly changing Excess and Umbrella marketplace.

The Allen Financial Excess Umbrella underwriter is adept at managing the components of the underwriting cycle in order to maintain a stable and consistent approach. These components include price fluctuations, limits capacity, the effects of expansion and contraction of the reinsurance market, changes in forms of coverage, the legal environment and government regulations.

Technical Expertise

Hallmarks of the Allen Financial Business Umbrella & Excess Liability underwriter are expertise in the variety of casualty forms as well as the ability to understand the technicalities and implications of general liability, auto liability, employer’s liability and specialized liability coverage’s.

The underwriter must be able to analyze any non-standard casualty forms for underlying adequacy, particularly reviewing triggers of coverage and defense provisions.

The legal environment and its territorial differences are constantly monitored and analyzed. Any law which is peculiar to a particular jurisdiction is considered in the underwriting process.

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