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Tenant Users Liability Insurance (TULIP)

Tailored protection for Entertainment, 
Recreation & Special Events in one portfolio

TULIP Program Highlights

Allen Financial Entertainment is an innovator of entertainment and special event liability insurance.  We offer comprehensive insurance programs for our entertainment clients developed from the experience garnered by decades of work in this field.  Our programs have provided outstanding protection for thousands of  entertainers and venues such as Concerts, Festivals, Sporting Events, Commercial Producers, Television Productions, Live Entertainment, Music, Broadcasting, Theater, Publishing & Advertising. 

Our Tenant Users Liability Insurance Protection (TULIP) is insurance uniquely designed to provide short term liability insurance coverage for tenants of facilities or venues for events which cannot be covered under their current insurance or for which they have no other coverage.  By purchasing the coverage under a policy written for all tenant users of a specific facility or venue, the tenant user not only meets the contractual obligations required by the venue, but obtains coverage that is more competitive than purchasing a single special event policy. A simple one page questionnaire is all that is needed to apply.  Typical facilities or venues needing TULIP coverage include stadiums, arenas, convention centers, religious institutions, performing arts centers and schools.

Liability Per Event Limits:

  $3,000,000 – Aggregate (total limit for the duration of the event)
  $1,000,000 – Each occurrence
  $1,000,000 – Products / Completed Operations
  $1,000,000 – Personal Injury & Advertising Injury
  $1,000,000 – Host Liquor Legal Liability
     $100,000 – Premises Rented To You

Also Included:

  Contractual liability provided
  Premises Owner, Co-Promoters & Sponsors named as additional insured at no extra cost !
  Multiple blanket additional insureds
  Separate limits for personal injury liability and advertising injury liability
  Commercial liquor liability available
  Automatic additional protected person status for Lessors and Volunteer Workers
  Employee and Volunteer injury that results from failure to provide first aid
  Set up and take down (day before & day after).
  Terrorism coverage

Program Benefits


Ease of use – Tenant users needing insurance in order to rent a facility can purchase under the facility’s TULIP policy – no need for a separate special event policy
Minimum premium for tenant users as low as $100 per event – lower than a monoline special event policy
Policy specifically designed to meet the contractual insurance requirements in the facility rental agreement
Ability to include exhibitors for a small flat charge
Admitted, A+ Insurance Company


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