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Winery & Vineyard Insurance

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What is Winery Insurance?

You need Winery & Vineyard Insurance to protect you from the financial losses that can accompany damaged crops, spoiled wine, lawsuits, and other unforeseen events that can cost you everything. Even a small winery must insure every step of the winemaking process.
(Because you’ve gotta protect a lot more than just your grapes if you want to sell wine.)
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As a winery or vineyard owner, you know there is much more to making fine wines than simply growing grapes. Viticulture, oenology, equipment management, staffing, marketing and insurance are all integral components of a sophisticated operation.  Whether your business is large or small, the unique risks confronted by vintners, including extreme weather property exposures, wine spoilage and leakage concerns, chemical drift and liability claims, require customized insurance solutions. As a leading provider of insurance to agricultural businesses, AFIG Agribusiness is well-versed in the unique needs of wineries and vineyard owners.


A gondola of estate-grown grapes overturns while in transit to a winery for crush… two varietals are accidentally blended during the winemaking process… A wedding guest slips and falls while dancing on the winery cellar floor… Insecticides applied in the vineyard on a windy day drift onto neighboring property… As wine-in-process is transferred from a large tank, 5,000 gallons spill to the ground… A delicate blend of the latest technology and centuryold craftsmanship, your wine is highly vulnerable. How will you protect it?

That’s why you need an insurer to protect your creation, from vineyard to shelf.

Vineyard or winery? You need AFIG’s insurance protection.

That’s why we work with vineyard and winery owners to create a customizable Winery & Vineyard insurance solutions that fit the specific needs of the business. Our vineyard policies include chemical drift pollution liability at the policy deductible, instead of adding a separate deductible for the coverage.

Our winery policies offer commercial business insurance with added specialized coverage such as loss due to wine leakage or wine contamination, excluding human error and having adulteration added.

Put it all together and AFIG  brings affordable, comprehensive protection to vineyard and winery businesses including:

  • Bonded wineries with or without vineyards
  • Farm vineyards/orchards
  • Custom crush facilities
  • Vineyard owner housing and personal liability coverage

Why you need insurance for your winery and vineyard

Complete and comprehensive insurance protection for wineries and vineyards is a must.

What makes insurance for wineries and vineyards so different from other insurance?

Unlike a typical farm or factory, your vineyard or winery may have guest visitors, special events, sterile tanks and vats, vulnerable liquid inventories, and much more. As you know, it doesn’t take much to wipe out an entire year’s work – or to put your assets at risk of lawsuits.

Common Risks Wineries Face

Among your biggest concerns to consider, are:

  • Guests on your property, or at an event, slip and fall
  • Guests damage or destroy grapes, wine, or equipment
  • Grapes are crushed in transit
  • Leakage, spillage, or accidental mixing destroys wine in process
  • Insecticides used on grape crops drift on to neighboring properties
  • Contamination and product recalls
  • Winemaking equipment or agricultural equipment breakdown
  • Extreme weather or natural disasters
  • Wildfires, insect infestation, and plant diseases 

Even stored wine just sitting in the cellar comes with its own risks, like:

  • Spillage or leakage
  • Fire
  • Theft or vandalism
  • Utility or refrigeration outages
  • Supply chain or logistics problems and delays
  • Transportation and trucking exposures, from poorly trained drivers, to accidents and truck refrigeration breakdown 

Insurance coverages for wineries and vineyards


Wine Leakage Insurance

You need to protect your business should your wine find its way down the drain. With our wine leakage coverage and fair wine valuation, you’ll have true protection against losing wine.

Agricultural Drift Insurance

Many vineyards use chemicals at some point. Even with responsible use, the direction of the wind or human error can have a negative impact on people, animals and other crops. Our Agricultural Drift Insurance guards against mishaps arising from the use of vineyard chemicals.

Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor liability cover is a must for wineries with tasting rooms. It will help protect your winery against injury or damage that is directly related to your sale of alcohol.

Product Withdrawal Insurance

Wine can be recalled for a number of reasons, from improper labeling and tainted wine to a hazard with the bottles. Our Product Withdrawal Insurance addresses the expenses of having to recall wine. It can also be extended to cover:

  • the cost of announcing a withdrawal
  • overtime to employees or contractors working on the withdrawal
  • transfer or shipping costs to move tainted wine
  • storage space for up to one year after the withdrawal
  • bills to dispose of the defective wine

Key Employee Extra Expense Insurance

Since winemaking is such a specialized job, it’s not always easy to find an employee with the skill set that you require, especially on short notice. The AGCS Key Employee Extra Expense coverage helps you recruit, relocate and train a new employee should you have an unexpected vacancy due to permanent disability or death.

Winery & Vineyard Insurance
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