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Chubb Agribusiness | Chubb Farm Ranch Estate
By: Allen Financial Insurance Group

Chubb Farm Ranch & Estate Insurance


It’s essential that your farm ranch estate be protected with an insurance policy specifically designed for your operations.  It is equally important that the insurance company has a strong financial background and extensive agribusiness experience. 

The Chubb Agribusiness Farm Ranch Estate Policy offers some of the industry’s broadest and most comprehensive coverage available to the  ranch or farm owner at a competitive preferred price.

Coverage can be custom designed to meet the specific needs of your operation, from a small acreage pleasure farm to a multiple location commercial farm.

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The Chubb Group is one of the world’s largest multiline property and casualty insurers.  With operations in 53 countries,  Chubb provides commercial and personal property and casualty insurance, personal accident and supplemental health insurance, reinsurance and life insurance to a diverse group of clients.

Chubb Farm Ranch Insurance – Estate Insurance Portfolio

Chubb Farm Ranch Insurance Policy Highlights


  • Eligibility  –  Individuals. partnerships, corporations, limited-liability corporation (LLC) owner or tenant operator.
  • Format  –  A Multi-line policy able to include Dwelling, Outbuildings, Personal Property, Farm Equipment, Farm Personal Property, Farm & Stable Liability, Automobile, Livestock care custody control, Watercraft, and Umbrella in one package.
  • Deductibles –  $250 to $25,000
  • Fire Department Service –  No limit, no deductible

Allen Financial Insurance Group has been servicing farm and ranch clients for over thirty years.  In the event of a loss, our clients are secure in the knowledge that their claim will be processed by our in-house claims staff specially trained to handle equine losses. 

The Chubb Farm Ranch Insurance Policy offers some of the industry’s broadest and most comprehensive coverage available to the  ranch or farm owner at a competitive preferred price.  Coverage can be custom designed to meet the specific needs of your operation, from a small acreage pleasure farm to a multiple location commercial farm.

A Group of Horses grazing in a field.
Four horses in paddocks in front of a two story grey brick house with a gravel driveway.

 Preferred Markets

  • Family Farms and Ranches
  • Large commercial growers and packers of agricultural products
  • Cattle Ranches & Feedlots
  • Grain and Row Crop growers
  • Horse Farms including CCC & Equine Mortality
  • Cotton growers
  • Citrus growers
  • Dairy Farms
  • Hobby Farms
  • Estate Farms
  • Nut Orchards & Berry Growers
  • Vegetable Growers & Packers
  • Vineyards
  • Wholesale nurseries
  • Cotton Gins
  • Dairy Operations
  • Farm Products
  • Farm Supply Stores
  • Feed Manufacturing
  • Feed Yards
  • Feed, Hay and Grain Dealers
  • Fertilizer Dealers & Blenders incl Application
  • Flour Milling
  • Food Processing
  • Fish Processing & Farms
  • Fish or Seafood Processing
  • Elevators & Grain Handling Facilities
  • Grain Milling
  • Produce Packing
  • Seed Merchant


bullet  Replacement Cost
 Primary dwelling and structures attached to covered dwellings when insured to  80% or more of replacement cost value. 
bullet  Inflation Guard
 Optional on dwelling (including ordinance and law option)
bullet  Satellite Dish/Antenna
 $1,500 Limit – Higher limit available
bullet  Trees, shrubs and plants within 500 feet of covered dwelling for up to $2,000.

Homeowner vs Farmowner Coverage Differences Explained


bullet  Limit
20% of dwelling limit for unattached structures appurtenant to the dwelling not used for farming purposes.
No distance limitation.  Higher limits available for charge.
bullet  Limit
50% of dwelling limit is standard. Higher limits available.
bullet  Property off premises
$1,000 worldwide
bullet  Special Limits
 $2,000 for grave markers
$3,000 for securities and letters of credit

 $3,000 for furs, jewelry, precious stones and watches
 $5,000 for firearms
 $   400 money, gold, platinum, silverware
$3,000 for watercraft, outboard engines, watercraft furnishings and trailers

 $5,000 business property on premises, 10% off premises
 $5,000 for silverware or goldware.
bullet  Replacement Cost
 For nominal charge, Coverage C Limit automatically increased to 70% of dwelling limit.
bullet  Refrigerated Products
 $500 for refrigerated household contents. No deductible
bullet  Credit Card
 $500 for credit card and fund transfer card forgery and counterfeit money.
bullet  Coverage for necessary increases in living expense if a covered cause of loss renders your home uninhabitable.  10% of dwelling limit
A large red brick, 3 story Ranch House at the end of a long concrete driveway.


bullet  Newly Acquired Or Replacement Farm Machinery:
 $100,000 for up to 30 days
bullet  Personal Property of Other:
bullet  Tack & Related Equipment:
 No sub-limit for unscheduled items
bullet  Replacement Cost :
 Available for office contents and tack
bullet  Transportation:
 $2,000 included
bullet  Farm Records:
 $2.000 for restoration. No deductible
bullet  Extra Expense:
 $2,000 included. No deductible
bullet  Livestock:
 Up to $2,000 per animal available
bullet  Peak Season:
 Available for seasonal fluctuations


bullet  Unscheduled farm machinery and equipment
bullet  Farm products in the open for certain causes of loss
bullet  Property in the custody of a common contract carrier
$1,000 Limit
bullet  Cost of restoring farm records
$2,000 Limit


bullet  Replacement Cost:
 Available when insured to 80% of Replacement Cost. If not insured to 80%,  Actual Cash Value applies
bullet  New Construction:
 Automatic $250,000 coverage for 60 days.
bullet  Private Power and Light Poles
bullet  Outdoor Radio & TV equipment, antennas and towers
bullet  Fences, corrals, pens, chutes and feed racks
bullet  Silos, portable buildings and structures
bullet  Improvements and betterments
bullet  Loss of Income:
 Available for covered perils
bullet  Blanket Coverage:
 Available for farm buildings other than dwellings


bullet  Disruption of Farming Operations
bullet  Earthquake
bullet  Equine Professional Services Endorsement
bullet  Identity Theft Protection
bullet  Farm Computer Coverage
bullet  High Value Dwelling Endorsement
bullet  Trainers Professional Liability
bullet  Livestock Breeders Endorsement
bullet  Livestock Collision Endorsement
bullet  Beekeepers Endorsement
bullet  Watercraft Hull Coverage
bullet  Agricultural machinery rental reimbursement
bullet  Extra Expense and Business Income Coverage
bullet  Transportation Coverage increased limits
bullet  Enhanced Pollutant Cleanup Endorsement
bullet  Sump overflow and water backup from sewers and drains
An aerial view of a large cattle farm.
Wind turbines in a corn field.

Identity Theft Protection

You can add Chubb identity theft protection program to a Chubb homeowners, farm owners, condo or renters policy. If you become a victim of identity theft, this program provides you with access to a consumer fraud specialist, who can guide you through the process of reclaiming your identity, including:

  • Obtaining a free credit report from the three major credit reporting agencies
  • Placing fraud alerts with all three credit reporting agencies
  • Enrolling you in six months of daily credit monitoring
  • Completing dispute letters on your behalf for approval and signature.

This coverage will also reimburse you up to $25,000, with no deductible, for the expenses associated with clearing your name and repairing your damaged credit, such as:

  • Lost wages (up to $1,000 a week for a maximum of 5 weeks)
  • Reasonable attorney fees incurred, with ACE prior approval
  • Daycare and eldercare expenses
  • Notary and certified mailing charges
  • Loan re-application fees, and
  • Long distance phone charges.
Orchard & Vineyard Endorsement

    • $25,000 replacement cost for damage to tree or vines at insured location
    • $25,000 for loss or damage to harvested orchard or vineyard products at insured location
  • $10,000 for loss or damage to harvested orchard or vineyard products at other than insured location
  • $5,000 for loss or damage to harvested product in the custody of common or contract carrier
  • $5,000 for un-collectable bills due to product damage shipped at buyers risk
  • $3,000 replacement cost for unscheduled signs


Rows of grapevines in a cultivated vineyard.
  Dairy Endorsement

    • $10,000 for spoilage of owned milk
  • $10,000 contamination of owned milk
  • $50,000 for hay, straw and fodder
  • $2,000 per animal livestock collision
  • $10,000 additional extra expense coverage
  • $1,000 per animal livestock theft ($5,000 per occurrence)
  • $100,000 limit for hay per stack
    (increased from $10,000)
  • Contamination of non-owned milk


Milking stalls in a long dairy farm barn.
  Equine Property Endorsement

  • $10,000 Tack & Equipment
  • $5,000   Signs & Entrance Gates
  • $3,000   Fences & Corrals
  • $1,500   Feed & Supplements
A horse barn at night with the lights on in the barn.
  Tack Equipment Endorsement

  • Tack equipment including harnesses, bridles & saddles
  • Blanket single limit of coverage
  • Tack off premises extension


A cedar lined horse tack room with saddles and bridles on the wall.
  High Value Dwelling Endorsement

    • Dwelling replacement cost loss settlement up to 125% of Coverage A
  • Appurtenant Garage increased to 20% of Coverage A
  • Ordinance of Law added up to 30% of Coverage A
  • $10,000 for credit cards, fund transfer cards, forgery or counterfeit currency
  • $7,500 Arson Reward
  • $2,000 Electronic Data Restoration
  • $1,000 Refrigerated Products
  • $1,000 Fire Extinguished Recharge
  • $500 Lock Replacement
  • Removal of fallen trees
A large two story brick house with a large green lawn.


Occurrence $300,000 – $1,000,000
General Aggregate $600,000 – $2,000,000
Aggregate Products/Completed Operations $600,000 – $2,000,000
Personal / Advertising Injury $300,000 – $ 1,000,000
Chemical Drift Aggregate $25,000 – $500,000
Medical $5,000
Fire Legal Liability $100,000
Excess Umbrella Liability $5,000,000
Newly acquired or leased premises
bullet Newly acquired or leased premises:
Automatically covered during policy term. Must be added at renewal to be covered.
bullet Broad Form Contractual:
bullet Custom Farming:
Included when receipts less than $10,000
bullet Pollutant Cleanup
$10,000 including debris removal (can be increased)
bullet Automobile:
bullet Personal Injury:
False arrest, slander, wrongful entry and eviction covered
bullet Advertising:
bullet Incidental Business Pursuits:
Available subject to underwriting guidelines for charge
bullet Catastrophe Liability:
Excess liability available with limits $1,000,000 to $25,000,000
bullet Care, Custody & Control
Optional coverage for horse of others under your control with limits $5,000 to $250,000
bullet Farms principally engaged in commercial operations other than farming or ranching
bullet Dude Ranches, all resorts, religious retreats and camps
bullet Outfitters or Guide services
bullet Vacant farms or ranches
bullet Nursery operations – Retail
bullet Poultry hatcheries
Flexible Billing

We offer several billing options to make it easier on your budget.

Claims Service

24 hours, 7 days a week toll-free Claim Action Hotline puts you in immediate contact with a claim service representative, enabling you to report claims quickly and efficiently. Prompt reporting helps mitigate the risk of injury or damage and expedites claim handling.

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