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Commercial Group Insurance – Association Insurance Programs

Commercial Group Insurance
Association Insurance Programs
By: Allen Financial Insurance Group

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Benefits of a Commercial Group Insurance Program

Commercial Group Insurance – Association Insurance

Allen Financial’s Commercial Group Department creates custom property, liability and workers’ compensation insurance programs for associations and other affinity groups, including franchised operations.  We design programs specifically t tailor a variety of coverage’s to the particular needs of the group’s members.  We provide solutions and advantages for associations that transcend run-of-the-mill insurance approaches.

Association or affinity group members gain an opportunity for lower net insurance and operating costs, with improved asset protection.  Sponsors also earn credit for taking the leadership step to make the insurance program available.

If you are looking for ways to further the interests of your industry and its members, a Commercial Group program created and managed by Allen Financial Insurance Group is the benefit that members will really count on.

Benefits Included in a customized Commercial Group Insurance – Association Insurance program from AFIG include:

  • A Business Insurance Program offering coverage tailored to the needs of your members’ needs.
  • Professional loss control programs and assistance from top specialists — a tremendous value for your members. Your members will benefit from the expertise of loss control specialists and provided at no additional charge. We work with you and your members to provide on solutions for to reduce the chances of both property loss and injuries to customers or employees.  We recommend methods for improving conditions with practices that have helped many businesses achieve excellent safety records. This positive effect of good loss experience translates right down to the bottom line.
  • Potential safety group dividends. The insurance provider may periodically declare and pay dividends to insureds as a way of recognizing good loss experience. Our Safety Group Dividend Plan allows insureds to earn back some of the money they paid for insurance, reducing their net insurance cost.
  • Marketing support and services, such as sales brochures, loss control bulletins, participation in conventions, and more.
  • Specialized training for claim specialists, loss control and underwriters to ensure a thorough understanding – and proper handling – of your member’s business insurance.

We’ve become experts in this special type of insurance marketing.  We know the steps that lead to an effective, long-term program…from conducting feasibility studies…to developing custom policies and endorsements…to educating members about cost-control opportunities.

Local groups, regional and state groups, and even nationwide groups — including professional associations and franchises — all receive top quality, personal attention at Allen Financial Insurance Group

Group Program Insurance

Association insurance programs ( including professional associations), affinity groups and franchises which can be administered through a single agency channel are the types of group operations Allen Financial Insurance Group specializes in.

Local, state and nationwide group programs are eligible can be written by AFIG.  The broker who originates the program can uses their agency channel to service the needs of your members.  Your members receive the personalized services you’d expect from your agent.

Your members can be confident of professional, consistent service they receive from the agent or broker and Allen Financial Insurance Group. 

Allen Financial’s Commercial Group staff specializes in handling Commercial Group business.  From their day-to-day involvement, they gain a high level of expertise and competence in the type of business your group operates.  Our staff examine They know the requirements and underwriting standards of your tailored insurance program and .  Commercial Group help your members use the available program to their best advantage.


Successful programs have been developed for local, state and nationwide groups such as:

    • American Equestrian Alliance
    • American Recreation & Entertainment Association
    • American Polocrosse Association
    • Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association
    • Cowboy Mounted Shooters Association
    • American Cowboy Team Roping Association
    • United States Polo Association
    • United States Star Route Postal Contractors Association

    We are confident of our ability to respond to many types of needs.  We will spend the time and effort to develop a truly superior program for your group.  We’re ready to tackle the tough requirements of organizations such as yours.


Some eligible groups include:
  • Professional Offices – including Accounts, Insurance Agents and Financial Services
  • Various Contractors – including HVAC, Carpentry, and Cable Installation
  • Hotels and Motels – lets than 4 stories
  • Plastics Manufacturing
  • Restaurants
  • Various Retail – including Auto Parts, Bakeries, and Drug Stores
  • Various Service – including Dry Cleaners and Funeral Homes
  • Garages – Service Operations
  • Metalworkers

Commercial Group Insurance
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