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Law Practice Insurance – Insurance for Lawyers

Law Practice Insurance
Insurance for Lawyers
By: Allen Financial Insurance Group

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Law Practice Insurance

Lawyers and Legal Offices handle volumes of sensitive personal information and your legal clients count on your uttermost confidentialty, professionalism, and security in handling their manners with the most care. With that responsibility comes exposure to a variety of significant and specific risks unique to the legal profession. Your legal practice/legal office also faces risks common to most small businesses like property damage or loss of important files and records. Learn about our Law Practice Insurance – Insurance for Lawyers, after all most lawyers purchase from Allen Financial Insurance Group!

Our Law Practice Insurance – Insurance for Lawyers program offers one of the most extensive portfolios of professional and property and casualty coverage in the industry. Our comprehensive policy gives you the ability to combine broad property, commercial and professional liability, commercial auto, workers compensation and umbrella coverage.

Law Practice Insurance - Insurance For Lawyers - Lawyers

Business Liability Law Practice Insurance – Insurance for Lawyers Liability

In addition to the typical enhancements our comprehensive liability policy offers over the industry standard, we’ve further enhanced our program for professional services. At no additional cost to you, our Commercial General Liability policy includes some unique coverage essential to those in your industry.  If your business is held legally liable for damage to your client’s property, this policy will pay up to the full limit of the policy…without a deductible.  Included in our general liability policy is coverage for claims arising from the products you sell or the services you complete.  Our liability insurance protects you if you are responsible for damage to the property of others. We extend this coverage to include borrowed equipment that’s damaged at your job site while it is not being used.

  • Limits up to $10,000,000/ $10,000,000 available (claims expenses outside Limits of Liability)
  • Flexible deductible options, including First dollar defense and Aggregate Deductible
  • Punitive damage coverage available
  • Non-profit D&O liability coverage automatic to $500,000
  • Full Prior Acts coverage available for lateral hires
  • Unlimited extended reporting period available
  • Notary public, title agent and arbitration / mediation coverage included.

Leased Building PD Damage – $25,000 motor vehicle damage to leased buildings.
Fire Legal Liability – $300,000 for leased premises.
Additional Insureds – If a written contract requires you to name someone else as an additional insured on your policy, we’ll automatically extend that status to them.


Law Practice Insurance – Insurance for Lawyers Coverage Highlights

Building and Structures – covers materials, equipment, supplies, additions, and new construction within 1,000 feet of premises.
Appurtenant  Structures included with building limit, 10% of building limit. Max $25,000.

Business Income and Extra Expense – 12 months’ actual loss sustained or billable hours basis; no waiting period; may be excluded for premium credit.
Newly Acquired or Constructed Buildings – $500,000 with 180 days to report; no percentage limitation
EDP Equipment Coverage – a base level of protection is built into the policy and includes the option to increase the level or to schedule high value items including repair or replacement of computer systems.

Valuable Papers – Reproduction of destroyed drawings, blueprints and other valuable papers.
Glass Breakage – full coverage; limited coverage ($500 pane/$1,000 occurrence) available for premium credit; property deductible can be eliminated as an option.
Accounts Receivable Coverage – protects you from losses caused by damage to your records which prevents you from collecting money owed you by customers.
Outdoor Property – covers fences and walls up to $2,500, may be increased up to $250,000; signs up to $5,000, may be increased up to $100,000; trees, shrubs, plants, and lawns up to $10,000, $1,000 per item sub-limit.
Back-up of Sewers and Drains – covered; may be excluded for premium credit.
Tools & Equipment Coverage – protects you against a loss concerning owned, borrowed, rented, or leased tools and equipment.

Optional Coverage
  • Automobile
  • Boiler & Machinery
  • Directors and Officers – damages from “wrongful acts” and reimbursement of loss and claims expenses.
  • Additional Insureds
  • Professional Liability
  • Umbrella Policy
  • Workers Compensation


Law Practice Insurance
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Law Practice Insurance - Insurance For Lawyers - Lawyers

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Law Practice Insurance - Insurance For Lawyers - Lawyers

Law Practice Insurance - Insurance For Lawyers - Lawyers