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Planning a party or special event can be a lot of fun, but you will also want to make sure that you deal with the serious business of insurance before you host your event. Special events insurance coverage is critical to protect your personal or business interests. Whether you are hosting an anniversary party, a benefit concert, or a charity event, this type of insurance will prevent you from carrying personal liability for any damage or injury that occurs at your event.

Special events coverage will cover you, your business, the venue you rent for your event, any employees or volunteers who work the event, and liquor liability for the entire event. With these important components, you can  be protected against claims for damage done to the premises, rental equipment, or any equipment you purchase yourself.

Most venues will require that you carry some type of coverage for your event, so be sure that you have your policy purchased in advance so you can present your certificate of insurance to the venue. Without it, you may not be able to host your party.

You can also take out additional coverage, such as event cancellation, and rain and weather insurance, which can help you recover deposits and other expenses in case your party or event has to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond your control.

While no one expects damage to occur during a special event, there is always a chance it could happen. The odds increase greatly when you serve alcohol at an event, so make sure that you are covered for anything that might happen at your party, by taking out special events insurance.

Written by Brent Allen
Allen Financial Insurance Group