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Equine Assisted Therapy has been one of the fastest growing segments of the horse community. The EAP industry serves people with special needs such as emotional disorders and physical disabilities. It is also one of the most popular therapeutic options for children and adults with autism. Owners and managers of this type of equestrian operation experience extraordinary liability exposures and have special insurance needs.  As a facility operator you need to cover your stable, horses, employees and most importantly your client.

When the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association was originally established Allen Financial Insurance Group designed an insurance program for their special needs and coverage requirements. Standard equine stable insurance policies did not fully address the unique exposures associated with EAP facilities.

An EAP policy can be written for up to $6 million of liability coverage, and can insure both for profit and non-profit organizations.  Coverage can be written on a stand alone liability policy or included in a farm insurance package.  The EAP policy can also cover any non-owned horses used therapy giving you an added layer of protection.

As with other professional equine insurance, there are specific requirements and safety guidelines for this policy regarding the staff that work with your horses and clients. For example, you will need to maintain certain staff-to-client ratios, and your staff must have experience dealing with specific types therapeutic services.

Equine therapy is a great way for horse ranch owners to provide a valuable service to the community using horses to improve communication, emotional health, and physical movement. If you are considering starting a therapeutic horseback riding program on your farm or ranch, be sure to take out an equine insurance policy that keeps you, your horses, and your ranch or farm protected from liability. This is one of the first steps you must take to create a wonderful therapeutic program.

Written by Brent Allen
Allen Financial Insurance Group / The Equestrian Group
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