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by Brent Allen –
Allen Financial Insurance Group –

Dog grooming is a booming industry, and with an estimated 70 million domesticated dogs kept as pets in the US, the number of groomers is only expected to grow in the coming years. While there are not a lot of regulations and requirements in the industry, there is a need to carry at least one form of commercial general liability insurance coverage that applies to professional dog groomers liability.

Today, there are many different types of dog groomers, from those who operate in a pet store or a brick-and-mortar grooming operation, to those that take their business to the dogs with mobile grooming operations. Dog grooming insurance covers a wide range of situations that groomers may run into,  including damage caused by canine clients. You will also be covered in the event that an animal is injured while being groomed. While these are situations that no groomer wants to face, they are important considerations when you start your grooming business.

It is estimated that the pet industry as a whole will generate more than $55 billion per year in the coming years, and nearly $5 billion is attributed to boarding and grooming. With more and more people looking to foster and adopt rescue pets, the demand for grooming services will only grow in the future.

Since there is a lack of regulations for this growing industry, commercial general liability insurance for dog groomers is a protection that you need to protect your business, assets, and the dogs you serve every day.

About the Author

Brent Allen is CEO of Allen Financial Insurance Group.  Established in 1971, Allen Financial is a national provider of commercial specialty insurance programs.  Mr. Allen is considered to be one of the leading experts in tattoo and body piercing insurance and risk management.  AFIG Insurance products are distributed through a national network of over 2,500 insurance professionals.